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    AR15 vs AK47 in the GWOT

    AR15 vs AK47: Is it Crony Capitalism or combat effectiveness? Practical takes a back seat to profitable in the GWOT and everywhere but America By Scott Lambin, Evan Hafer and Jeff Kirkham At this point you have probably figured out that everything...

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    A Rant By Kris "Tanto" Paronto

    Tanto Time By Kris “Tanto” Paronto   The other day I was doing one of the most loathing yet necessary tasks in my new life as a pseudo celebrity... "Tweeting".  I can't stand Twitter; in fact I find it almost...

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    Celtic Shield RFID Proof Wallets

    World Traveler Powered by: The BrassTacs By: Scott Lambin Kicking in doors in Iraq in OIF I, protecting diplomats and high level officials in the same neighborhoods or preventing radical Islamists from blowing their junk off with underwear bombs on...

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