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The Perfect Coffee Mug

Regular price $49.95

Four years ago Evan Hafer set out to design the ideal coffee mug.  After countless cups of coffee and careful trial and error we are proud to present: The Perfect Coffee Mug.

Every aspect of this mug has been designed to provide the ideal coffee-drinking experience. 

Its textured base ensures a steady grip on any surface.  A three-four finger width handle allows for one or two-handed grip, so you can warm your hands on those cold mornings.

A BRCC logo thumb rest sits at the top of the handle for a comfortable grip and pour, while its light-colored interior allows light to shine into your mug so you can judge the darkness of your brew.

The walls of the Perfect Coffee Mug are the exact thickness needed to keep your coffee warm for 30 minutes; the optimal drinking window for BRCC roasts.

Not only does this mug feel perfect in your hands, it has been designed with the perfect brew ratio in mind.  Our BRCC Hand Grinder's capacity of 30g of coffee pairs with a 16:1 ratio of water-to-coffee in the BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device, to yield 480g of yielded coffee.  With a capacity of 400g, the Perfect Coffee Mug is the ideal coffee drinking vessel for people who take their coffee seriously.

Available in white or tan; we recommend hand washing this item.

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