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Coffee or Die Magazine

Now Available in a quarterly subscription! Subscribe now and get a new magazine every quarter covering exclusive stories from The Coffee or Die team! 

In the fall 2022 issue, Coffee or Die Magazine explores the living legends behind three viral photos — Special Forces soldier Mike Vining; Chris DeBlanc, who fought house to house during Operation Phantom Fury; and Dan Pronk, an Australian SAS operator — and what we've learned from them. Coffee or Die also sent Michael R. Shea to Syria, where he embedded with locals to take a look at how they're building democracy and protecting their homeland.

Take an exclusive look inside a nuclear missile silo, read about the Bay of Pigs from a Cuban exile who was trained by the CIA, laugh out loud at a firefighter's encounter with a "hellcat," and so much more. This magazine is packed with 130 pages of awesome content, don’t miss out!

Coffee or Die Magazine is an online news and lifestyle magazine that informs or entertains the military, veteran, first responder, and coffee enthusiast communities with original reporting and premium multimedia stories.

*Limited Quantities Available

*Recurring subscriptions will process at the beginning of each quarter. 

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