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Black Ceramic Airtight Container
Keep your coffee fresh for longer with BRCC's airtight containers. An airtight lid seals the ceramic container to keep out unwanted air and moisture, preserving the quality and freshness of your coffee long after you open the bag.
  • Holds 1 lb whole bean coffee
  • Measures: 5″ w x 7″ h

*Also Available in Gray


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  • Holds 1 lb whole bean coffee
  • Measures: 5″ w x 7″ h

The BRCC Mission

Simply Put, we serve coffee and culture to people who love America
  • When you shop with us you are supporting veteran owned business and veteran entrepreneurship.
  • Directly giving back to the first responders, veterans, and law enforcement.
  • Joining us in our mission to hire 10,000 veterans nation wide.
  • Simplifying, optimizing, and customizing your coffee.
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