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Our Mission

Black Rifle Coffee Company serves coffee and culture to people who love America.

We develop our explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus we learned as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, we give back.

Our History

Founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company was built upon the mission to serve coffee and culture to people who love America.

Black Rifle stands for more than high-quality coffee. We are a Veteran-founded business operated by principled men and women who honor those who protect, defend, and support our country.

Our People

#10,000 Veterans

A large part of Black Rifle Coffee Company's success is due to the outstanding work ethic and discipline of our Veteran employees. As we grow, we're committed to hiring 10,000 Veterans to provide opportunities to the military community that helped build us.

As a Veteran-founded and operated company, Black Rifle Coffee also strives to help other service-members successfully transition from the military into entrepreneurship. We provide assistance to Veterans who seek to launch a business of their own, helping more companies like Black Rifle Coffee Company become a reality.

Our Content

Whether you’re in need of a laugh, an espresso masterclass or just want to see us put miniguns on a Tesla, our videos are created to educate, inspire and amuse.

There is no shortage of content within the BRCC community. Check out the Black Rifle Coffee Podcast every week for exclusive interviews and content about inspiring the American Dream through hard work and adventure. The Black Rifle Coffee Company YouTube Channel is another source for great content from the founders of BRCC.

We also have The Caffeinated Life Vlog and The Black Rifle Coffee Blog. Caf-Life and the BRC Blog give you an inside look into the newest releases (coffee, merch and news), our community and all the badass people who make Black Rifle Coffee the amazing company that you all know and love.

Coffee Or Die™

Our news & lifestyle magazine, Coffee or Die, was launched in June 2018 and features exclusive stories not available anywhere else.

Whether embedding with troops everywhere from Iraq and Afghanistan to Ukraine or covering civil unrest across America, our team of journalists and editors have shown time and again that they'll go anywhere to report the most important stories for our readers, sharing killer coffee recipes and top-notch military-satire along the way.

Stay up to date on all the stories that matter to you most with The PressCheck — a weekly newsletter that arms you with the latest content from Coffee or Die. The same way you’d press checking your firearm, this newsletter makes sure you’re cleared hot with essential news and stories about the military and veteran communities.

Free Range American

Launched in 2020, Free Range American is a lifestyle brand and multimedia platform like nothing you've ever seen before. We cover everything from hunting and fishing, 2A news and info, American history, and pulse-pounding adventure stories from the great outdoors.

Our team of storytellers is on a mission to share the most inspiring tales of hard work and determination that embody the American dream. From jaw-dropping outdoor adventures to fascinating historical insights, Free Range American is your go-to destination for stories that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to get after it.

As Seen On

The BRCC Fund™

BRCC's Nonprofit

Dedicated to serving and defending the principles of our country, The BRCC Fund™ supports veterans, first responders, and their families while helping conserve the great American outdoors. We do this by developing and supporting programs intended to communicate, educate, entertain, and inspire those within our community.

The BRCC Fund™ helps Service members and Veterans gain access to direct support, grants, training, resources and care they need. By engaging with local communities, we partner with organizations to help support their causes ensuring our community is vibrant and healthy.