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A Statement on Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Mission

Black Rifle Coffee never has and never will make a donation to any political party of any kind. It is against FEC Regulations, for any corporation to make a political contribution of any kind to an official candidate or political party. Black Rifle Coffee as an organization, cannot, by law, donate to a political party or political candidate. Details on this law are available on the FEC webiste.

Black Rifle Coffee is America's Coffee. To this extent, we support American values and the American way of life. This includes the right to vote in a constitutional republic for any political candidate. Our founders and a large majority of our employees fought to defend this right. Black Rifle Coffee does not screen employee candidates based on political affiliation and to do so would again be a violation of law. To restrict or pressure employees to vote for their political party or candidate of choice would also be a violation of our most foundational principles.

Further, Black Rifle Coffee Company has not donated, as an organization, through the democratically aligned non-profit payment processing service ACTBLUE. The image circulating the internet is a screen-shot that is disingenuously cropped to imply that Black Rifle Coffee as an organization donated through the ACTBLUE website. However, this image leaves out the fact that the donations made through ACTBLUE came from employees working within the company, who are, by law, required to state their employer when making a political donation.

Black Rifle Coffee employs over 800 employees and all of them are encouraged to vote for any political party or candidate they see fit. Any restriction of this right is a violation of both employment law and the US Constitution. Black RIfle Coffee supports the US Constitution and each amendment of the US constitution to the fullest extent.

We’re grateful for the continued support of the Black Rifle Coffee community and eager to continue serving those who serve.

-Evan Hafer, CEO/Founder