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how to make a hound dog

What does the Hound Dog Drink include? Right off the bat, you know it includes BRCC coffee, and ice cream! But the final touch to this shake...the banana and the peanut butter!

So, you know when you're eating your peanut butter toast for breakfast and enjoying a big glass of Black Rifle Coffee and the peanut butter and coffee compliment each other just SO perfectly?! Well, what if you added ice cream and a peanut butter covered chocolate cookie on top?! Perfection. Straight perfection! This Hound Dog is the perfect drink for an afternoon snack and great dessert as well!

My mouth is watering so let's blend one up!


- Blender

- 1 Banana 

- 1/2 a cup of creamy Peanut Butter

- 2 to 4 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

- 5 oz of brewed BRCC coffee

- Chocolate cookies to garnish


1. Peel & place your banana into the blender with your creamy peanut butter

2. Next add in your brewed BRCC coffee & vanilla ice cream

3. Blend together and pour into a glass

4. Garnish with a cookie and enjoy!

Big Brown Dark Roast

The ultimate fighter's coffee...

Brendan Schaub has gone from Ultimate Fighter to teaming up with BRCC to give you the ultimate coffee. 

 Sick of that weak-ass coffee you get everywhere else? We are, too. You can cut corners on everything else in life, but not your coffee. Big Brown Coffee and BRCC took the time to bring you the ultimate roast so you can kick ass in every aspect of your life. We got you. 

 Made with dark-roasted 100% Colombian Excelso beans.