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Like its namesake, Gunship has always soared in its role as a light roast that complements our heavy hitters. Beyond the coffee itself, the roast has become an icon that celebrates our military heritage at BRCC.


Join the Club with Gunship!

Gunship / 2 Bags

$24.99 / per month




The Gunship Story

The story of Gunship starts in April of 2016. Originally envisioned as a series of stickers to go over the top of our 12oz coffee bags; gunship would have marked a major departure from our traditional packaging at the time of gusseted bags.

However the team decided to make a sticker for the front of the bag instead, featuring the now famous Gunship Helicopter. An icon to showcase the military heritage of many of the owners and founders of BRCC coming from Special Operations backgrounds.

The Revamp

The 2021 revamp of Gunship was inspired as part of an initiative to bring a new, bright, and vibrant visual experience to all of our classic roasts.

The famed Gunship icon now showcases an “early to rise” painting of a little bird carrying a payload of military personnel to their target... much like the roast takes the consumer on a ride with the energy it provides.