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What is Black Rifle Coffee Company?

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium small-batch, veteran-owned coffee company. At BRCC, we import our high-quality coffee beans directly from Colombia and Brazil. Then, we personally blend and roast every one of our exclusive coffee roasts and ship them directly to your doorstep.

Why is our coffee the best?

Coffee is more than our business, it’s our passion. We import premium coffee from around the world and roast 5 days a week so our customers can enjoy the freshest coffee possible.

Is my Coffee Club price changing?

Prices are changing for Coffee Round subscribers effective October, 12th, 2022. This will affect Single Serve Rounds, Prepaid Club, and Bulk Coffee Club Rounds. We value your loyalty. Please call us at 1-385-262-7184 if you have any questions or need to adjust or cancel any orders.

What is my Coffee Club price?

For 12 oz. bags, the pricing is as follows: 1 Bag: $15.99, 2 Bag: $27.18 (including a 15% discount), 3 Bag: $38.38 (including a 20% discount), 4 Bag: $51.17 (including a 20% discount). ECS pricing is $27 per bag. RTD 200 pricing is $39.99. RTD 300 pricing is $43.99.

Prepaid subscriptions of 12oz bags, ground and whole bean, is as follows:

Quantity Term Price
2 Bags 3 Months $81.54
2 Bags 6 Months $154.94
2 Bags 12 Months $293.57
3 Bags 3 Months $115.12
3 Bags 6 Months $218.74
3 Bags 12 Months $414.46
4 Bags 3 Months $153.50
4 Bags 6 Months $291.65
4 Bags 12 Months $552.61

Your membership will continue to offer up to 20% off compared to non-member purchase. Additionally, you continue to receive all of your current Member Benefits like free shipping, discounts on partner brands, access to exclusive products which no other customers can buy, discounts on every shipment compared to retail pricing —and of course America’s best coffee right at home.

Why are you decreasing prices?

Everything we do, every decision we make at Black Rifle Coffee Company, is done in service of our mission: to provide premium coffee while giving back to the Veteran, active-duty military, and first responder communities. Taking this step will help ensure our ability to continue delivering on this mission.

Is there a way for me to keep my price as low as possible?

The best way to save is to adjust your subscription quantity and frequency. Adjusting your subscription by ordering a few more bags on a less frequent cadence is a great way to keep your price as low as possible and not interrupt your need for great coffee!

For one box subscribers, we recommend scheduling delivery of two boxes every 30 days to save $43.79 per year! We also offer prepaid subscriptions at a discounted rate for 6 or 12 month terms.

When will the price increase go into effect?

The Coffee Club price increase will go into effect on October 12th, 2022.

Where can I compare Coffee Club membership pricing options?

Coffee Club subscription options and details can be found here. You can manage your subscription anytime by logging into My Coffee Club.

How do I cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription please call us at 1-866-556-2722, or follow the instructions below to discontinue your subscription at least 7 days before your next shipment date:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under “Subscriptions”, scroll down to view your subscription under “Subscription Products” and click on “Product Details”
  3. Please review your subscription details. If there are any adjustments we can make to accommodate your schedule better, you are able to that here.
  4. If you’d like to continue with your cancelation, click on the white “Cancel Subscripton” link below the “Reschedule Next Order” button.

What are the benefits of being a Coffee Club member?

Your membership will continue to guarantee free shipping, access to exclusive products which no other customers can buy, discounts on every shipment compared to retail pricing —and of course America’s best coffee right at home.

Where else can I buy Black Rifle Coffee Company products?

Black Rifle Coffee Company products are available for purchase at our Black Rifle Coffee Outposts, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and other retailers. Find the closest store near you.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We use a variety of carriers that include DHL eCommerce, the United States Postal Service, FedEx, Ontrac, and UPS. BRCC offers flat rate shipping for most orders based on the destination, order weight, and shipping service.

How can I track my order?

We will send the tracking information to the email address associated with your order once the item has shipped.

What are cutoff dates for holiday shipping?

Please check back as we get closer to the holiday season!

Where is my package?

When we ship out your package, an automatic email will be sent to the email address that you provided when placing the order. Inside this email, you will find a clickable tracking number that will tell you exactly where your package is. If you are having trouble viewing this information, feel free to contact us.

What are the shipping rates?

Black Rifle Coffee Company offers flat rate shipping for most orders based on the destination, order weight, and shipping service.

Where do you ship?

We ship all around the world, though we are not allowed to ship coffee products specifically to Germany due to regulations. Please contact customer service for more information.

Will you ship to an APO address?

Yes. The rate applies to the APO facility's zip code in the United States. Be sure to enter the country as United States, the city as APO or FPO, the state as Armed Forces Europe (AE), Armed Forces Pacific (AP), or Armed Forces America (AA), and the APO zip code. The tracking information will only tell you when the order gets to the facility, then it's in the military's hands to get it there, so please be as specific as possible with the unit when filling in the address information.

How can I change my order after it’s been placed?

Since the turnaround time on packages is so fast, changing or canceling an order after it’s been placed can be tricky. We recommend emailing ( or calling us (1.844.899.9330) IMMEDIATELY if there is an issue with your order. Your email should include CANCEL/CHANGE ORDER #_____ in the subject line. Our customer service team is available for immediate order changes Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM CST. We will always do our best to make sure that you’ll get what you need, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix the order before it ships out.

How do I return an item or receive a refund?

Apparel and gear can be returned up to 30 days from the date of purchase for in-store credit, a refund, or a replacement. If there is physical damage to the package or you feel it is unsafe to consume, bags of coffee can be returned for equal exchange of the same blend (or a similar blend of equal or lesser value). Coffee, at this time, cannot be returned for credit or refund. If you require further assistance, please email

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club debit and credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Payments.

What is Shop Pay Installments?

Buy Now, Pay Later! For orders between $50 USD to $3,000.00 USD, you can split your purchase into four bi-weekly, interest-free installment payments.

There are no additional charges, interest rates, or late fees for this option, and your credit score isn't affected.

How do I edit my subscription?

If you would like to edit your Coffee Club subscription, the easiest thing to do is tap the 'My Coffee Club' button at the top of our website. Otherwise, feel free to follow the steps below: 1. Log in to your account. 2. Under "Account Detail," select "Manage Subscriptions." 3. Select the "Edit" option. 4. Once you have made the edits to your liking, click "Submit" and your new subscription setting will be saved.

How safe is it to order online?

We only use the safest payment processing services on the internet. If you have any security questions or concerns, please review our payment processors' security measures: or Shopify Payments.

How should I store this coffee? How long will it last?

The thing to keep in mind when storing coffee is humidity. Keep coffee away from humidity until it is brewed. Storing it in a dark, airtight container at room temperature will keep your ground coffee fresh for up to 4 weeks. An airtight container will keep whole beans fresh for longer than a month.

How do I enter discount codes?

On the last page, before your click "Complete my purchase," there will be a box where you can enter your discount code. Once you have entered the code, click "Apply." Your total amount will be updated to reflect the discount.

What is BRCC’s ticker symbol?

The ticker symbol is NYSE:BRCC.

Now that BRCC is a public company, is it going to change?

Our culture and mission are built on serving Veterans, active military, first responders, and those who love America, and nothing is EVER going to change that. We may be a public company, but we are definitely NOT going corporate! You may be wondering what this means for Black Rifle and what we do every day. The answer is, not much has changed day-to-day. We remain focused on our mission of serving great coffee and serving Veterans and keep doing what’s made us successful so far. Being a public company is helping us do the most important things even better, but it isn’t changing who we are. It is helping fulfill our vision of what Black Rifle can become.

Why did you go public?

This gives us significant resources to invest and grow even faster. We plan to grow our direct-to-consumer business by expanding the ready-to-drink product line and broadening distribution, and we want to grow the storefront footprint from the current ten locations to a target of 78 in 2023. We also plan to enhance the company’s tech infrastructure. All of this will help support our efforts to meet our goal of hiring 10,000 Veterans.

How do I invest?

You can find a detailed investor presentation at You should contact your personal financial advisor.