Veteran Owned and Operated - Est. 2014  
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BRCC Franchise Application

proudly serving coffee and culture to people who love america

Before you apply:

Let’s ensure this opportunity is right for you.

We are looking for franchisees with a minimum of two years of restaurant experience, passion, grit and determination to oversee this project and protect the brand.

Franchisees will need adequate financial resources and must prove they have a minimum of $250,000 in liquid assets and a minimum total net worth of $500,000. If you do not have the resources, consider partnering with someone who does.

Understand that we will be opening coffee shops in specific markets. Your preferred market may not be addressed for many months or years.

-Prospective franchisee completes the application
-Franchise team reviews application
-Franchise team sends Franchise Disclosure Document
-Franchisee provides proof of citizenship or Permanent Resident/Alien Registration Card
-Franchisee provides proof of assets 
-Franchise team conducts credit check and completes initial financial review