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Media 1SG

Jariko is the Black Rifle Coffee Media First Sergeant, and he’s here to do epic things and to tell rad stories.

Check him out on Coffee Or Die Magazine

Jariko was born in Washington DC and as a military brat grew up all over the world. In 1997 he enlisted in the US Army.

After basic training and Airborne School he completed the assessment and selection process for the 75th Ranger Regiment and was assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Ft Lewis Washington.

Jariko went on to serve in the Ranger Regiment for 15 and a half years where he deployed to combat 15 times in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2002-2012 as a Weapons Squad Leader, Rifle Platoon Sergeant, Senior Enlisted Advisor, and Company First Sergeant.

Jariko Retired from active duty in 2017 after four years as the Senior Military Science Instructor at St. John's University in New York City.

Since Retiring he has advised and produced on major motion pictures, national ad campaigns, and television series'. Jariko is now the Media 1SG for Black Rifle Coffee, reporting from combat zones and producing epic original content.

Follow Jariko on Instagram: @laidbackberserker

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