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Medium Roast

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Medium Roast Coffee: It’s all about balance

Medium roast coffee is far from milquetoast. There’s nothing common, average, or ordinary about the expertly crafted medium roasts in Black Rifle Coffee’s catalog. With so much variety in flavor, you’ll want to know what makes these roasts so special.

Our coffee beans will roast until their internal temperatures reach between 400 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This heats them up past the first crack but maintains their temperature so they don’t reach the second. They begin to release some of their natural oils and lose the acidity that is usually found in light roast coffees.

This coffee roasting process creates more balanced flavor profiles of sweet milk chocolate, rich caramel, decadent vanilla, or buttery walnuts. The oils that release from the beans give medium roasts more of a full-bodied texture compared to lighter roasts — but they still aren’t quite as thick as dark roasts.

Because medium roasts are so well-rounded, it makes them the top pick for everything from flavored coffee to cold brew. Whether you prefer whole bean or pre-ground coffee, you’ll see why these versatile roasts are appreciated by all coffee lovers.

Need help picking a medium roast to start with? Try out Medium Roast Bundle and indulge in the best medium roast coffee for people who love America, veterans, and first responders. Consider donating a bag of bulk coffee to your local fire station, police station, or medical center.