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BRCC x Grinds Sweet Cream Pouches

Black Rifle Coffee and Grinds are back with delicious sweet cream flavor packed in each coffee pouch. GRINDS — or Grinds Coffee Pouches — are small premium caffeine pouches that can keep you feeling sharp and focused throughout the day or night.

In true Black Rifle Coffee fashion, we took the Traditional GRINDS pouch and turned it up a notch. With over DOUBLE the caffeine (55 mg per pouch) as other flavors, the BLACK RIFLE COFFEE Edition is a combination of the strong coffee flavor you already know and love.

*Also available in Minopour Mocha and Medusa Mint


  • MOISTURE-LOCKED 'DRY' POUCH - less messy, longer-lasting flavor
  • Each of these BRCC X GRINDS coffee pouches has 55 mg of caffeine, comparable to half a cup of coffee.
  • Each can contains about as much caffeine as 9 cups of coffee
  • Each can comes with approximately 18 pouches weighing on average 18 grams.

*Coming Soon to Retail locations. Haven’t visited a Retail location? Find one below! 

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