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Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

Regular price $100.00

Burr grinders are the best! They basically crush the beans rather than slicing them, which preserves flavor and gives you a more consistent grind. We love this Electric Coffee Burr Grinder from Bodum- it has an adjustable grind AND a timer!

-Push button, pre-set timer grinds the exact amount of coffee needed, which keeps beans fresh and prevents waste.
-Adjustable grind allows users to go from espresso- to French press-size grounds with ease.
-Colorful, compact, space-saving design pairs perfectly with e-Bodum's BISTRO collection of kettles and coffeemakers.
-Equipped with a friction clutch, which prevents damage to the grinding gear by using small stones.
-Never needs sharpening!
-Borosilicate glass catcher reduces the static cling of coffee grounds.


Dimensions: 10.8" H x 6.25" W x 4.75" D


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