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Dark Roast
Dark Roast
Dark Roast Rounds Bundle
$30.57 $35.97

Welcome to the dark side. Our Dark Roast Rounds Bundle is for those coffee drinkers who like a bold, smoky flavor profile with their brew.

Save 15% off each box of our classic dark roast single-serve coffee pods.

Dark roasts consist of beans that have been roasted longer than their lighter counterparts, which tones down some of the brighter notes you’d get from a light roast and replaces them with a heavier-bodied flavor profile.

This bundle includes:

  • $11.99 $10.19 — One (1) Blackbeard’s Delight Roast, 12-count box
  • $11.99 $10.19 — One (1) Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast, 12-count box
  • $11.99 $10.19 — One (1) Beyond Black Roast, 12-count box

    * Bundle available in Ground, Whole Bean (12 oz / ea. Bag) OR Single-Serve Rounds (12 ct. / ea. Box)

    *Discount codes are not applicable for this product

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