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Medium Roast
Medium Roast
The Headless Horseman's Roast
12 OZ. BAG

*Currently Only Available in Ground and Rounds!

This fall, the Headless Hessian is back with a f**king vengeance. Heads are gonna roll for this pumpkin spice coffee that is so good it will haunt your taste buds for all eternity. For a limited time only, grab a bag or rounds of our devilishly delicious pumpkin spice coffee Headless Horseman. With a brisk aroma of spice and cinnamon, this ghoulish pumpkin-flavored coffee will smack the sleepy right outta your hollow.

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The Headless Horseman's Roast

(You are here)The Headless Horseman's Roast

Tasting notes

Featuring pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon tasting notes

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