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Veterans Day With BRCC Includes a Military Fashion Show

So often, Veterans Day content is somber, so it’s nice to be able to inject some Veterans Day-themed creativity and laughter into the internet. Not everything in the military is intense and somber, and we want to reflect that in the way we publish content and share our military experiences. 


As with many of the videos Black Rifle Coffee Company produces, Mat Best came up with the idea and was laughing about how funny it would be if BRCC did an America’s Next Top Model-style fashion show for different military stereotypes, with three judges in equally ridiculous costumes. 


 “We didn’t really have a solid plan until everyone saw the stage and the set,” said Jarred Taylor, senior vice president of business development at BRCC.Then we all huddled together on location and essentially wrote the skit.”

Disclaimer: Each catwalk model is a living stereotype of a military member. None of them exist in real life in the ridiculous states that we portray them in … or do they?

Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Stolen Valor Guy: Dressed in a uniform that a private dropped off at Goodwill, rocking medals that he didn’t have to earn, Stolen Valor comes in many forms and often from units we’ve never heard of, like “SEAL Team 69.”

Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Middle-Aged Green Beret: Dressed as an operator and never ever taking those Oakley shades off, this Green Beret may be past his prime, but he’s never going to admit it.

Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Dependapotamus: Portrayed by Tactisquatch, the Black Rifle “dependa” comes complete with her private-on-a-leash.

Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Navy SEAL With a Book Deal: Like every good Navy SEAL who has a ghostwriter following him around from the minute he becomes a frogman, our Navy SEAL is rocking those UDTSSs (Underwater Demolition Team short-shorts) and passing out copies of the book he’s published full of declassified missions.


Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Your Typical Marine: This variation of Marine likes to play samurai and is still one 100% obsessed with crayons, to the point that his samurai armor is made of crayon packages.


Photos by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Deployment Goggles: The stereotypical 4-on-a-good-day kind of gal, who, post-deployment, when service members are rocking those “deployment goggles,” suddenly becomes a 10.


Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

National Guard/Reservist Rep: Complete with an excessive number of PT belts (because safety first), our special Guardsman knows that, without those PT belts, you’ll get run over 100% of the time in broad daylight. 


Photo by Lacy Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

“It’s really difficult to not laugh when you have someone like Caleb Prentis all oiled up with PT belts all around, and we’re supposed to act like this is a serious moment in [fashion] history, pretending to be awestruck by his fashion prowess,” said Luke Ryan, social media manager for BRCC. “Somehow, we all powered through it.”

Each branch of the military has stereotypes and loves to poke fun at the other branches. Cracking these jokes feels like the perfect way to lighten the mood on Veterans Day, which affects so many service members in different ways.