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Uncover Relics of Brews Past with BRCC’s Black Magic ECS

Very few products can rival the Chemex Coffee Maker’s unique blend of design and function, which, after 81 years, has remained remarkably unchanged. This pour over brewing device is the perfect way to get the most out of your Black Rifle Coffee Company Exclusive Coffee Subscription (ECS) each month.

Case in point: microlot No. 36 — the Black Magic Roast. When paired with the Chemex, it uncovers a hidden dual meaning. The hourglass shape of the Chemex denotes the passing of time and a moment of reflection for the ECS coffees you have enjoyed this year.


Black Magic ECS
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


This month’s Exclusive Coffee Subscription tale begins with an undead operator and a tarot card reading twist. The undying operator, alone in his hovel, works tirelessly crafting a coffee from the forbidden texts. Strewn about his lab are relics from brews past, symbolizing growth and progress over time. The undead warrior-craftsman represents a symbolic ending of something old being reborn anew.


Black Magic ECS
Artwork courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Practitioners of this sort of alchemy unlock the darkest recesses of this medium roast, tapping into the fruity aromas accompanied by notes of berry, sweet brown sugar, and exotic guava. Black Magic originates from the fertile volcanic soils of the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala. And once you commit to the dark arts of this ECS roast, there is no going back.

The BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription offers a world-class, exclusive coffee experience to a limited number of BRCC customers each month. Each microlot features a unique, high-demand, exotic coffee roast hand-selected by Evan Hafer and the BRCC Coffee Development team.