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This One’s for the Girls: BRCC Releases a Women’s Clothing Line

Women of the Black Rifle Coffee Company community: You asked, and we listened. 

We know the old adage “don’t send a man to do a woman’s job” rings true in a lot of arenas — most certainly in women’s clothing. This new line of women’s apparel is more than just three T-shirts that would probably fit your toddler better than you. 

“With women making women's apparel, I think that has helped us a lot,” Kim Weese, apparel product developer said. “This line is for all of the badass women of Black Rifle Coffee, for our consumers and employees alike. We really wanted to showcase all of the amazing women who are a part of this community.”

Muscle Tanks:

All of the new tank tops are muscle tanks. This line gives a badass vibe, managing to be both sheer and also a solid go-to workout or range day-top that wearers won’t have to worry about overheating in, or finding too form-fitting. 

“We wanted to be able to have a tank top that a 21-year-old could wear, but also a 45-year-old could wear and feel badass,” Weese said. “One key thing to note about the fit is that the armholes aren’t gigantic, like what you may have seen in some kinds of muscle tees.”

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Gold Tooth Skull Muscle Tank: Classic and rugged as ever, this all-new Gold Tooth Skull Muscle Tank brings badass energy along with you on your next adventure, whether you’re crushing a workout, chillin’ at home, or hitting the range and laying down some lead.

“The skull tank isn’t super girly but isn’t too hardcore for a woman to be comfortable wearing it,” Weese explained.

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Belted Ammo Muscle Tank: If “get back, you don’t know me like that” were a shirt, this would be it. The Belted Ammo Muscle Tank lets folks know you’re not fucking around. This new tank is good at two things — keeping you cool and scaring the crap out of gawking gym bros.

“The artwork for the belted ammo is brand new,” Weese noted.

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Mountain Muscle Tank: Sleeves are overrated — that’s why we lopped ’em off of this women’s muscle tank. Perfect for the gym, a nice hike, or a day at the beach, this tank will keep you cooler than the other side of the pillow. This mountain logo is a vintage BRCC classic. We're so stoked about the new Women's Collection; we thought it was only fitting to bring this kickass design out of retirement just for the ladies.

“The mountain tank caters to our outdoorsy women and brings back an old BRCC logo that we once used on a hat patch and hoodie,” Weese said. “We put a lot of love into this women’s line — I didn’t think it was going to take us as long as it did.

“But we ensured that things were a true fit and that sizing is communicated on each page so that you know what kind of fit to expect.”


The new T-shirts have a band tee or a very vintage look to them. While they still maintain the BRCC branding, there are a number of changes in coloring and T-shirt blends (100% cotton or the standard BRCC 60/10 poly-cotton blend) that make this line feel different and new. With regard to sizing, know that, although the T-shirts have a relaxed fit, you may still want to adjust sizes accordingly.

“These T-shirts are re-imagined shirts that longtime customers might have seen in another variation,” Weese said. “The Reaper is a relaxed fit, Tactisquatch got some updated artwork, and the vintage logo tee is a different color than we’ve used before, and I think it manages to be girly without going all-out pink.”

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Vintage Logo T-Shirt: No matter how much we’ve grown over the years, the ladies of BRCC have stood by our side. Rep our classic company logo in silky-smooth comfort and patriotic fashion. Maroon is definitely your color.

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Tactisquatch T-Shirt: There have been several alleged sightings of the Tactisquatch all around the country. Even if they're true, the Squatch saw you first, and he wanted to be seen. Our new ladies' shirt is here to let you know that the Squatch is back, and he’s rocking a fresh vintage look.

Photo by Dave Reardon/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

Women’s Espresso Reaper T-Shirt: AK-47 Espresso is as Black Rifle as it gets. This iconic BRCC coffee has stayed true to its roots since Evan Hafer first roasted it all the way back in 2009, and it's just as reliable as its namesake. This brand new AK-47 Reaper tee pays homage to one of our flagship roasts, putting a new spin on the style, of course.

“We’re thrilled with even just the standard T-shirts,” Weese said. “The new Reaper shirt is so comfy you could live in it. It's comfortable enough to wear to the range and shoot and still be able to go out in.”


For all of the items in the women’s line, sizing is critical, as is the fit — not everyone wants a curve-hugging hoodie, so the sizing instructions have gone beyond just a chart, and each item also has its own specific size description to guide wearers to the right fit. Another thing to note is that the women’s line runs from size small to 2XL; extra-small is no longer a size option. All three hoodies are slim fit, so the suggestion is to go up one size for a looser fit and two sizes for a baggy fit. 

Women’s F*ck Your Sensitivity Zip Up Hoodie: Our modern take on a classic, we present to you the F*ck Your Sensitivity Zip Up Hoodie. This subtle yet stern hoodie is perfect for repelling safe spaces and warding off creepy Karens.


Women’s Premium Vintage Logo Hoodie: Rep our classic company logo in silky-smooth comfort and patriotic fashion with this premium-quality hoodie. When something’s perfect, it’s best to just let it be. (We suggest a hang dry for this hoodie to make sure it doesn’t lose any sizing.)

“This design has been used on men’s tees, but never a hoodie,” Weese said. “You’re getting more than just a standard hoodie; it’s super comfy and the logo is simple. We wanted to make sure that it’s not too loud and bright that it won’t match with anything.”

Women’s Super-Charged Zip Up Hoodie: Nothing keeps you fully charged up like America’s coffee. Designed to keep you warm on a cool day, this zip-up hoodie embodies the power of the pussy cat.

“We really wanted to show the consumer that our coffee is premium, and so is our apparel,” Weese said. “We hope that consumers love it as much as we do and know that these shirts won’t be given to your toddler after you wash them.”