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These BRCC Colombia Roasts Will Keep Your Freedom Engine Running

During our last Black Rifle Coffee Company origins trip to Colombia, we made it a point to stop by a few of the smaller cafes in the region to brew some of our most popular roasts at their source.

While we usually travel with at least one mobile brewing device on our adventures, we were excited to discover that many of the smaller coffee shops in the area had various brewing devices on display, ready to be pulled off the shelves to enjoy.

Because coffee is often enjoyed throughout the day in Colombia, we decided to spread out our brew sessions.

We brought along BRCC's Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast to keep our freedom engine running in-country. This roast has a dark and bold flavor, coming in at an eight on our roast scale of 1-10, and was the ideal choice to kick-start the day. Our first brew session was at a small breakfast joint within walking distance of our hotel in the city of Pereira.

BRCC Colombia
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


The cafe was more than willing to supply us with an AeroPress brewing kit and a gooseneck kettle with hot water, and we went to work brewing a killer cup of BRCC coffee while enjoying the cafe's most popular Colombian breakfast.

The next BRCC coffee experience occurred midafternoon during our coffee culture tour at Don Manolo Cafe. This time, we brought along BRCC's Just Black, the Colombia roast that started it all. The founding roast strikes the perfect balance between bold and smooth. It features a cocoa and vanilla aroma, bold tasting notes, and a smooth, buttery finish.

Because this medium roast was developed to be the best drip coffee you'll ever taste, we put it to the test in-country using the Hario coffee siphon Technica. Part coffee maker and part chemistry experiment, the Technica brews an amazingly smooth cup of coffee and proved to be the perfect match for an afternoon brew session with our Just Black roast.

BRCC Colombia
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


Our final brew session took place early evening at Cafe Cafe 1892. It’s a popular local hangout that does not open its doors to the public until late afternoon. The cafe's layout was exactly what we envisioned when we first started planning our trip. The chill vibe of the place made it easy for us to pick BRCC's Silencer Smooth roast to enjoy on this final leg of our brew journey. 

For many, Silencer Smooth stands out from the rest, in part because of its delightful drinkability. This Colombia Arabica offers a sweet aroma, citrus tasting notes, and a distinct, crisp finish, complementing many of our punchier medium and dark roasts.

BRCC Colombia
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


The updated bag design, which takes inspiration from the silencer itself, uses patent blueprints to create a subtle look that brings new life, color, and intrigue to this roast. The look was a hit with many of the baristas we met in the country. 

With this final roast, our barista prepared some of the most popular drink specials for us to enjoy. Experiencing Silencer Smooth at its source — in a Colombia cafe as the sun went down — proved to be the perfect way to end another epic coffee adventure.