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The Holiday Gift Guide Done Right, With Black Rifle Coffee

With the holidays fast approaching and everyone freaking out about supply chains and shipping, why not make your gift shopping easy and knock out your list with Black Rifle Coffee Company?

For the dad who will always be a Boy Scout, check out our ever-popular survivalist hatchet. Add a woobie or poncho-liner hoodie and gift it in our new BRCC x Eberlestock Bandit Pack, and you won’t even have to buy a gift bag.  

Undecided on what to get your mom? Set her up with some sweet new coffee gear, like our BRCC x Fellow Ode Brew Grinder and our favorite Chemex for the perfect coffee experience. (While you’re at it, you might as well give her some of our Liberty Roast to brew.)


Photo courtesy of John Jenkins/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


For your kid sister, you can never go wrong with cocoa, so the Combat Cocoa paired with a Space Bear Mug or a pink hoodie should do the trick. 


Debating whether to get your brother a gift at all? The new All Day Shorts and a Tactisquatch hoodie will at least mean he wears something that doesn’t have holes in it (and that might have been in his closet for the last 16 years). 

For the girlfriend who won’t stop taking photos in pumpkin patches, Christmas light mazes, or sunflower fields, the least you can do is make sure her flannel doesn’t suck. The BRCC x Dixxon Fireside Flannel should up her Instagram game.


Photo courtesy of Benjamin Bolton/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Have a friend who never leaves the beach (or who just wishes he had that lifestyle)? The new Surf’s Up Shorts with a Guns Out Buttondown Tee will have him feeling like it’s time to crush some waves … or at least to walk along the beach. 


For the cousin you drew for the family gift exchange (and you really only talk to twice a year), let’s face it: He’s probably busy drinking seltzer and trying to get famous on Barstool, so our new line of BRCC x Yeti Can Insulators will be a safe bet. It’s up to you to figure out his can size. 

If you’re the person who literally buys everyone in your family a gift, and you can’t bear to leave out the spawn of your siblings, cousins, whatever, fear not! For Black Rifle now has the coolest baseball tees for them. Pick from designs like the classic Tactisquatch (a staple at this point) and Bombs Away. Either choice will make you the favorite aunt/uncle.


Photo courtesy of Benjamin Boton/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Have tea drinkers in your life whom you just can’t convert to coffee? They may be lost causes, but you can still gift them electric kettles and thermoses, like our Everywhere Mug.  


Somehow get roped into an office Secret Santa and draw the person who steals everyone else’s coffee mugs? A coffee-mug gift it is, then. We suggest the Stabby or F*ck Your Sensitivity mugs. 

If you’re a fantastic friend, and you want to give someone the gift that keeps on giving, check out our subscription options (from coffee to exclusive merch, from ready-to-drink beverages to stickers, there’s something for everyone) or gift bundles. We even offer a coffee concierge service, including a one-on-one video chat session to help you personalize your coffee selection and ensure that your subscription fits you best.