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Stop Spilling Your Favorite Coffee with the BRCC x Fellow Carter Move Mug

We are always on the move here at Black Rifle Coffee Company, so finding a quality travel mug that can withstand our active lifestyle is a no-brainer. The Fellow Carter Move Mug was designed for all-day comfort. It features a compact grip and leak-proof seal with a unique snap-in splash guard to help keep the seats of your vehicle clean and your favorite BRCC t-shirt coffee stain-free. (Which is not always a bad thing!)

From multi-day photoshoots to 700+ mile road trips attending different BRCC events around Texas, the Carter Move Mug kept our favorite caffeinated beverage safe and temperature-ready this month. We also discovered this mug worked great as a mobile patio pour-over solution as well.




- 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

- Heat-lock double-wall vacuum keeps your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

- Ceramic interior keeps the metallic taste out of your coffee.

- Snap-in splash guard prevents the insides from getting outside.

- Leak-proof seal.


Fellow Move Mug
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


Our single-serving Hario V60 pour-over device fit perfectly on top of the 16 oz Carter Move Mug, and we were able to easily enjoy our favorite BRCC roast without having to pack out any additional gear.

For our adventures this month, we brought along out two completely different Black Rifle Coffee Company roasts; the classic AK-47 Espresso blend and the newly released Beaver Destroyer Exclusive Coffee Subscription roast. AK-47 Espresso features an unbeatable combination of light Colombian and dark Brazilian coffee roasted to conquer your taste buds. This full-bodied blend is an ideal roast for drip and espresso applications, with a rich nutty aroma and complex citrus and dark chocolate flavors, the perfect combination to kickstart each day.


Fellow Move Mug
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


We chose Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Beaver Destroyer for mid-afternoon and early evening pick-me-ups. The new micro-lot offering, part of the exclusive coffee subscription, is a brawny Ethiopian medium roast that packs a powerful patio pour-over punch. Whether pouring over the bountiful hills above or immersed in the damp reservoirs down below, Beaver Destroyer always finds that beaver and clocks it right on the button. Fresh citrus aromas swoop in like a jab, notes of Earl Grey with the hook, tangy nectarine, and smokey maple slide in with the uppercut. K.O.

The BRCC x Fellow Carter Move Mug is available now on the Black Rifle Coffee Company website. It features a matte black finish with our iconic BRCC reticle.