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For the friends who eat, sleep, and breath veteran apparel (and already own everything that Black Rifle has to offer):

Thirty Seconds Out — This veteran-owned lifestyle company provides a mobile app, clothing, flags, stickers, and patches. 

Bison Union Co. — This veteran-owned apparel company is a one-stop shop with a variety of drinkware, handmade pottery, and hats, along with leather goods and tees.

GoRuck — This veteran- and CIA agent-led company creates some of the best, most rigid rucking gear to equip the rucking revolution. It doubles down on its equipment, ensuring it gets used through training, events, and GoRuck Clubs that empower real-world communities in service to something greater than themselves.

Led by Iron Apparel — Led by Iron is a Nashville-based, first-responder-owned-and-operated apparel company dedicated to providing high-quality, badass apparel and more. 

Nicks Handmade Boots — 50 years of handmade boots and #MadeInTheUSA.

Nine Line Apparel — A veteran-owned-and-operated apparel company that has sweet gear and focuses on keeping the conversation going between those who served and those who support them.

For the man in your life who needs to upgrade his wristwatch:

Ares Watch Co. — Founded by a CIA agent turned watchmaker, this company creates timepieces for those looking for durable, long-lasting watches.

For the boyfriend/husband/man in your life who is obsessed with having a beard but could use help taking care of it:

Badass Beard Care — Led by a disabled veteran, this beard-care company can supply you with all the beard oil, wax, wash, butter, and balm you could ever hope to use. 

For the dog owners, lovers, and trainers:

Gunner Kennels — Creators of Man’s Best Kennel.

K9 Ballistics — If your dogs like to destroy everything from bedding to crates, but you still love them more than anything, K9 Ballistics has a chewproof line as well as a designer line to fit every dog’s (and owner’s) needs.

For the friend who is always starving on your backpacking adventures (because not everyone can run on coffee all the time):

Peak Refuel — Lightweight, full of protein, and #MadeInTheUSA. 

RedCon1 — Pre-workout, supplements, meals, and apparel; if fitness and health are your things, RedCon1 is for you.


Photo by Lacey Whitehouse/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


For the ones who collect outdoor gear, because they might need more than our Bandit Pack and Survivalist Hatchet:

Kifaru International — Created to make mountaineering backpacks more comfortable for backcountry adventures, Kifaru has a wide range of packs, shelters, sleds, and stoves. 

Protekt — This team of veterans and athletes supplies products committed to helping people flourish in life: sun protection, supplements, and gear, not to mention a mobile app to manage your lifestyle and health. 

Stone GlacierStone Glacier is the result of 15 years of solo sheep hunts from the Dall country of Alaska to Montana’s Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. The goal has been straightforward: Build the lightest, most durable gear using only the toughest technical materials available.

Big Frig — If you’re familiar with the BRCC tumblers, you’ve most likely seen the Big Frig logo on the tumblers’ sides. From use in tailgating to use in outdoor adventures, these cups and accessories will prove to be a good fit.


For the family pitmaster:

Carter Country Meats — The Carter family not only provides quality meat sourced from a family ranch that’s been in existence since 1964; it also advocates for regenerative agriculture. 

Grill Your Ass Off — Owned and operated by veterans, this Texas-based company raises funds for various nonprofits (including the BRCC Fund; check out Crispy’s Mango Habanero for that). Each seasoning corresponds to a different nonprofit veteran organization or event. 

Meat Church BBQMeat Church offers barbecue supplies, apparel, recipes, and classes.

Mountain Primal Meat Co. — Fuel sticks for on the go, and tons of Berkshire pork and Highland beef, not to mention a canine line (that’s meat for dogs, not from dogs). All meat, all the time.


Photo by Benjamin Bolton/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


For the one who runs on coffee (like our ready-to-drink offerings) during the day and energy drinks at night (to keep building his Twitch following, of course):

Kill Cliff — A clean energy drink company created by a Navy SEAL. Need we say more?

For the cousin who loves the range:

BlackPoint Tactical — This veteran-owned company manufactures custom holsters, focusing on comfort for concealment. 

Crimson Trace — In need of red-dot sights, lasers, weapon lights, or tactical scopes? Crimson Trace has you covered. 

Go-Magnets LLC — Looking for a cleaner way to store your weapons? Look no further. Go-Mags are sleek, easily rearranged, and capable of holding even the heaviest pistol.

Mantis Tech — Smartphone technology built to help you evaluate your shooting performance and track progress over time. 

Otis DefenseOffering hearing protection and kits for weapons cleaning and maintenance, this #MadeInTheUSA company also offers cleaning ripcords for one-and-done effective cleaning.

RE Factor Tactical — Whether you’re a weekend adventurer or preparing for the inevitable, this veteran-owned company has what you need, from targets to holsters, and everything in between. 

Riton Optics — Check out these optics and accessories crafted by a team of law enforcement and military veterans and hunters. 

Sheepdog Response — This company offers live and virtual weapons training, as well as apparel, accessories, and all kinds of tactical gear. 

Sig Sauer — Firearms, air guns, ammo, and optics — you’ll find it all here. 

SKB DirectSKB is recognized globally as an industry leader in designing and manufacturing molded-polymer transport cases. These cases are engineered to protect equipment used by hundreds of companies involved in diverse industries, from companies producing music and pro-audio products to those with military, industrial, and medical applications. 


Photo by John Jenkins/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


For the friend who will never have enough tactical gear and still wants to be an operator:

DiamondBlade Knives — A company founded to create the most technologically advanced knife. It has all the hunting knives you could need.

EberlestockEberlestock is where you’ll find original concepts and a better way of doing things; fit for the hunter, the tactical operator, the shooting sportsman, and the hardcore adventure outdoorsman.

Galls — Gear for every public-safety profession, and you can shop by profession to find what you need. 

LALO Tactical — A company formed to serve the operator community, its footgear now caters to both operators and athletes. Tactical boots, flip flops, and athletic shoes — LALO has it all. 

Montana Knife Co. — Run by a blacksmith who earned his Master Smith rating at age 19, Montana Knife Co. sells knives, sheaths, and sharpening tools. 

Patriot Outfitters — From 5.11 to Oakley to Voodoo Tactical, Patriot Outfitters has the military clothing, footwear, and gear you need. 

Quartermaster — With 37 years in the industry and an exclusive LawPro® brand, Quartermaster offers various equipment and uniform options. 

SureFire — From lasers and suppressors to outdoor headlamps, SureFire has a wide range of accessories to outfit those competing, still serving, or spending time outdoors. 

Vertx — Well-known for its tactical pants, Vertx also offers bags/packs and outerwear for men and women. 


For your Marine friend who will never get enough of the gym:

Sorinex Exercise Equipment — Bombproof exercise equipment? Say less. 


For the friend who still spends all his time working on his car:

Shine Supply — A green business with all the cleaning and care products you could ever want for the maintenance and upkeep of the four-wheeled love of your life.