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Stay Caffeinated All Spring Break Long With the Toddy Cold Brew System

Spring Break festivities are here, and what better way to keep your family and friends caffeinated for the entire week than to brew up a proper batch of Black Rifle Coffee Company cold-brew concentrate?

Perfect for serving a group with varied tastes, cold-brew concentrate allows everyone to enjoy coffee or tea at his preferred strength.

The Toddy Cold Brew System is a nonelectric coffee maker that produces a smooth, rich liquid concentrate for unparalleled cold brew at home. By allowing time to replace heat, Toddy's deceptively simple cold-water filtration process extracts the coffee bean's authentic, delicious flavors, leaving behind much of the undesirable acidity.


Toddy Cold Brew
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


Simply add your favorite coarsely ground BRCC coffee and cold, filtered water to the Toddy system and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours to create a smooth, flavorful coffee extract that can be served hot or cold and can stay fresh for up to two weeks when refrigerated.

This month, just in time for spring break, we paired the Toddy Cold Brew System with the BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription’s Microlot No. 30: Battle Squatch. Hailing from the ancient and mysterious jungles of Peru, this medium Arabica roast has notes of citrus and tropical fruit, with a hint of dark chocolate to bring it all home.


Toddy Cold Brew
 Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


The monthly BRCC ECS roasts include a convenient recipe card in each box. Following the Toddy Cold Brew instructions on the BRCC card allowed us to produce a naturally sweet-tasting Battle Squatch cold brew extract, and each sampling was easily changed by diluting either with water or milk to create a signature cold-brew drink that fit our ideal spring break.

The Toddy Cold Brew System is available for purchase now on the official Black Rifle Coffee Company website here.