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Plan Your Next Adventure With This BRCC Outdoor Gear

The 2022 Total Archery Challenge (TAC) events are now in full swing across the country, and Black Rifle Coffee Company has some unique outdoor gear and apparel designed to complete any outdoor adventure. Simply head to the official BRCC website and click on the gear menu located at the top of the page. Then, scroll down to the filter tag and narrow your search to equipment and accessories. Here are some of our recommendations for quality BRCC gear that you could use to tackle an event like TAC.


BRCC Outdoors
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


BRCC x Eberlestock Bandit Pack

Get lost in what you love without being weighed down along the way. The BRCC x Eberlestock Bandit Pack is the ultimate day bag, with around 1,300 cubic inches of storage space and a lightweight design. An adjustable shoulder harness and optional hip belt slot optimize it for your comfort and efficiency. Rain or shine, the Bandit's got you every time.


Frogskin Camo Zip-Up Poncho Liner Hoodie

This "duck" is anything but lame, and the unique camo pattern was designed to pay homage to the old-school heroes who served during World War II. The Frogskin Camo Zip-Up Poncho Liner Hoodie is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, making it easy to pack out, should the weather take a turn while you’re out on the trail.


BRCC Outdoors
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


BRCC x Nomadic Research Hip Pack

Designed by CEO Evan Hafer, the BRCC X Nomadic Research Hip Pack is the next level in versatility and performance. You can wear it on your waist, over your shoulder, or strapped to your chest with an optional quick-attach harness. Built from durable 500d Cordura nylon and coated two times with waterproof PU, this pack revolves around a discreet concealed-carry pocket fitted for a G-43 or similar device. This pack also has a securing strap to allow multiple angles and draw configurations, including bottom expansion for carrying vertically. This hip pack does it all, perfect for long hikes, hunting, fishing, or just everyday carry.


BRCC Outdoors
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


Tactisquatch Nalgene 32oz

Whether you're using it on the hiking trail or the gym, keep the ’Squatch with you wherever you go. BRCC's newest 32-ounce canteen is now available in a smoky-gray color with the popular Tactisquatch logo. But don't think this will persuade him to come out; the ’Squatch remains elusive and is far too stealthy ever to get caught.


BRCC Outdoors

Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


BRCC Survivalist Hatchet

While you may not necessarily need this outdoor item for every situation you encounter this year, we threw this one in because it is simply badass. Built with quality from top to bottom, the BRCC Survivalist Hatchet is a must-have for the outdoorsman in your life. Made with a high-quality steel head on an 18-inch American hickory curved handle, this hatchet is perfectly balanced for any job, whether you're splitting wood or staving off a zombie apocalypse. It also comes with a custom leather sheath to protect the blade when you're off camping.


BRCC Outdoors
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


 Keystone Range Hat - Black Multicam

 Keeping the sun out of your face is a no-brainer as the weather warms up. You may have seen the original Keystone Cap designs worn by many BRCC crew members, but this one features an awesome multicam pattern and is available exclusively to Coffee Club subscribers.


BRCC Outdoors
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


These items are available for purchase now on the official Black Rifle Coffee Company website.