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Mike Rowe Recounts ‘That One Time’ He Survived a Shark Attack on the BRCC Podcast

Would you rather get attacked by a shark or a bear? Neither is ideal, but Mike Rowe basically became a chew toy for a bunch of sharks while filming an episode of Dirty Jobs and recounts it on an episode of the Black Rifle Coffee Podcast. For the full story, check out the podcast below or head to our sister site, Free Range American, for the written story

“They shake ya like a tug toy.” YIKES.

It was an absolute pleasure having Mike on the podcast. He's got a real passion for finding special, relatively unknown corners of life and sharing them with the rest of us. Not only is he constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone (sharksuit, sharks, you know ... that sort of thing), but he's also very successful at encouraging other folks to do the same.

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