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It’s Who We Are: Charles Waldron

Charles Waldron, better known as the “Pope of Coffee Town,” grew up in southeast Missouri, in the kind of small town that has only one blinking stoplight. Waldron left home at the age of 16 and joined the military after graduating college.

“Both [of my] grandfathers were in the Army and served in both theatres of World War II,” Waldron said. “My dad joined, my older brother was in, so I definitely have family history in the service.”

Waldron served as a combat engineer, leading the assault and obstacle platoon in the 44th Engineer Battalion's Bravo Company. Unfortunately, post-deployment, Waldron sustained injuries that weren’t improving, and after being offered a desk job, he chose to transition out of the military and find himself a desk job that he actually wanted. 

“It was tough, applying for jobs and learning how to write a resume and getting rid of any entitlement I had,” Waldron said. 

Photo courtesy of Charles Waldron/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Post-service, Waldron was working for ReadyMan before he became the very first Black Rifle Coffee Company employee. Waldron literally fished a desk out of the track and set himself up next to the bathroom in the office. Shortly after, he became the jack-of-all-trades and earned his nickname.

“People always ask what your job title is — I say I’m the Pope of Coffee Town,” Waldron said. “With all the hats I wear here, the pope hat is the biggest and funniest hat. What I couldn’t handle, Evan dealt with as well.”

“You know, going back to the very beginning of this company, Charles Waldron has been 100% chips in,” BRCC co-founder Logan Stark said. “He has such a passion for what he does, and he cares so much about this company that you can’t help but be affected by it.”

“I cannot count the number of times that Charles has been the last person to leave the office or the first person here,” Stark continued. “And I have never seen a more selfless man when it comes to this business, who is just willing to give whatever is necessary in whatever role in order to make it happen and have a smile on your face the whole time that you're doing that, and that's Charles Waldron to a T.”



Charles Waldron is an essential part of the beating heart of Black Rifle Coffee. Or as we call him, the Pope of Coffee Town.

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