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How To Make Barista-Quality BRCC Coffee on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast who can't go a day without a fresh cup of joe, then you know that planning your next multi-day excursion might require swapping out your preferred home brewing system for a more mobile device.

But whatever creature comforts you choose to leave behind, having the ability to make a great brew out in the field can often be the difference between a "just ok" and an epic adventure.

For coffee enthusiasts looking to add a lightweight, easy-to-use brew method to their travel kit, the Jetboil Flash Java Kit is a great option. It comes standard with all the accessories needed to make barista-quality coffee using a slightly modified, easy-to-brew French press brewing technique.

The Flash system itself is optimized for efficiency and can boil water in 100 seconds. The available Java kit's stowable silicone coffee press stores perfectly inside the Flash's vessel, so you can make multiple cups of hot coffee without having to hump in the extra weight that many conventional brewing techniques require.


Escape Goat
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


We decided to test the Java Kit using Black Rifle Coffee Company's Escape Goat roast. Last year, the BRCC Escape Goat debuted through the popular Exclusive Coffee Subscription (ECS). It was a unique, high-scoring Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coveted by those fortunate enough to score a bag.

But now, the iconic goat wielding a MAC-10 had made its highly anticipated return with a new mission and a new Ethiopian coffee for everyone to enjoy.

Escape Goat is a high-quality, medium roast Arabica with tasting notes of berry, chocolate, and orange, giving it a special place in the BRCC lineup.



Once our kit arrived, we immediately started unboxing it. The Java kit came standard with the Flash Cooking System and coffee press which conveniently gives the user a camp stove that doubles as an easy, grounds-free camping coffee maker.

Our order also contained two 100-gram fuel canisters, a collapsible utensil kit, and an extra fuel can stabilizer for our test.


Escape Goat
Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


The entire system fits easily in our mobile travel kit. Once we had reached our off-the-grid weekend destination (in this case, our local campground), we unpacked our gear to start the brewing process.

We immediately found that using the Jetboil with the Java kit was even more accessible than a traditional French press. The system allows you to boil your hot water from the device, eliminating the need to pack in an additional source to heat your water like an electric kettle or separate container.

Instead, you can boil the water, let it sit for a second, and then pour the grounds right into the rugged Jetboil container itself. The coffee press is made to fit inside the container, which allows for an easy pack in, pack out technique on the trail.



  • Fill the Jetboil system with fresh water to the recommended fill line. (Fill line is approximately 500 grams.)
  • Grind 42 grams of coffee just before use. A coarse grind gives the best results.
  • Start the Jetboil and bring the water to a boil.
  • Turn off the Jetboil and allow the boiling water to cool for approximately 30 seconds.

    Escape Goat
    Photo credit: Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


    • Carefully pour the ground coffee directly on top of the hot water.  
    • Give the grounds a quick stir.
    • Set the French press plunger on top of the Jetboil and seal the lid.
    • Wait four minutes.
    • Slowly press the filter plunger down to the bottom. Aim for the full press to take about 15 seconds.
    • Pour your coffee roast and enjoy it in your favorite BRCC travel mug.



        We used the Flash Java Kit for our entire trip and found that after only a few minor adjustments to our coffee to water ratio, it consistently brewed a decent cup of BRCC coffee out in the field. Our four-minute steep method did not produce any over-extraction of the coffee. We quickly identified Escape Goats' distinct flavor profile of berry, orange, and chocolate, especially as the coffee began to cool.