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How To Easily Navigate the Entire Black Rifle Coffee Company Roast Spectrum

So, you have finally decided to join the Black Rifle Coffee Company Coffee Club. Well, first off, congrats! You have now taken that first big step in brewing a better cup of America's coffee. But you may also be asking yourself, "Where do I start? How do I choose between a light, medium, or dark roast for my first shipment to ensure maximum enjoyment?"

The first thing you need to know is that, for the most part, coffee beans are coffee beans when first harvested; it’s the roasting process that makes the beans light, medium, or dark. Time, temperature, and roasting procedures are critical to excellent-tasting coffee and ultimately finding your preferred roast.

Let's take a quick look at a couple of BRCC's most popular light, medium, and dark roasts to point you in the right direction.


Light-roast coffee often has fruitier and brighter tasting notes. This is because the coffee bean is roasted at a lower temperature, which allows these notes to stay intact.

The BRCC’s Silencer Smooth roast is a perfect example. The lightest roast in the lineup, Silencer Smooth stands out from the rest, due in part to its delightful drinkability. This Colombia Arabica offers a sweet aroma, tasting notes of citrus, and its distinct crisp finish.


BRCC Roast Spectrum
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


Another light roast in the BRCC lineup is the popular Gunship Roast. Like its namesake, Gunship has always soared in its role as a light roast that complements the heavy hitters with floral aromas, light caramel tasting notes, and an ultrasmooth finish. Beyond the coffee itself, the roast has become an icon that celebrates the military heritage at BRCC.


Medium-roast coffees have the best of both worlds and present a happy medium between light and dark roasts. But they often lose the heavier floral and citrus notes commonly found in light roasts. However, they are known for a slightly thicker body and bolder taste than light roasts have.

If you can't really decide between a light or dark roast coffee, picking a medium roast is a great way to start your Coffee Club adventure.

BRCC's Just Black is the roast that started it all. This medium roast was developed to be the best drip coffee you'll ever taste. It features a cocoa and vanilla aroma, bold tasting notes, and a smooth, buttery finish.

In fact, this coffee is so consistent that Coffee or Die Magazine traveled to Colombia to sample this roast with coffee farmers at its origin.


BRCC Roast Spectrum
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


If you live an active lifestyle, like the Black Rifle Coffee Company team does, there is a good chance you have heard of BRCC Fit Fuel. This medium roast Arabica and Robusta blend will fuel your inner athlete with a delicious combination of bold and smooth flavors and a malt finish. Unlike a motivational gym quote, this high-caffeine blend makes a great pre-workout drink and will kick-start your workout!


Dark roast coffees often get a bad rap, primarily because the higher roasting temperatures required can sometimes create a bitter or even burnt taste when not done correctly. But don't count these roasts out just yet.

Roasting burns off the sugars naturally found in the beans, but the process can also create other sugars. Therefore, the rate at which the beans cool off can influence their natural sweetness.

A great example is BRCC’s Blackbeard's Delight. This 100% Brazilian Arabica brew with dark-roasted flavors rivals the depth of Davy Jones' Locker. One of the darkest roasts in the lineup, it features nutty and chocolate notes and a fruity finish, making it an ideal roast for any pour over brewing technique for those who revel in the darker end of the coffee spectrum.


BRCC Roast Spectrum
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Our final dark roast recommendation is BRCC core roast Beyond Black. The color black suggests thoughts of power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. As a color, it is both frightening and undeniably compelling. Beyond Black has long explored the innate curiosity for all things unknown, and the new bag design brings that sentiment to the forefront.

Enjoy this new look for a timeless BRCC classic –– and revel in its powerful spicy aromas, notes of dark chocolate, and sublime smoky finish.

These are just a few of the many available options to choose from in the roast lineup. For the complete list of available Black Rifle Coffee Company roasts, you can click on the official BRCC website here.