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Heather Lynn Goes Bow Fishing in Florida With Hannah Barron

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s very own Heather Lynn took a trip to Florida with hunting and fishing enthusiast Hannah Barron for a bow-fishing adventure. Bow fishing for what? Stingray, of course. No hunt would be complete without eating the catch, so Heather included a stingray-taco cooking experience at the end of the video. 


“The experience was totally rad,” Heather said. “Hannah and Jeff [Barron] are maniacs, they have so much experience shooting and fishing; my goal was to try keep up! I ended up shooting a gar, mullet, and a cownose ray. The stingray tastes like chicken. I ended up making tacos with it.”

Photo courtesy of Heather Lynn/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

For more content, check out Heather’s, Hannah’s, and Jeff’s social media (or if you’re ready for coffee, head to​​ and use heatherlynnoh for 15% off). 

Heather: @heatherlynnoh

Hannah: @Hannah Barron  

Jeff: @Jeff Barron