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Hario’s Mini-Slim Pro Hand Grinder Is a Great Travel Companion

We often get asked what coffee gear we prefer to travel with while on assignment with the Black Rifle Coffee Company Blog. While our travel setups often vary based on the type and duration of the assignments, having a portable grinder is always at the top of our load-out lists.

We have spent the last couple of months using the Hario Mini-Slim Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill with excellent results. This hand grinder now has more than 3,000 frequent-flyer miles under its belt, having ground just about every BRCC roast currently available.

The Mini-Slim Pro features conical ceramic burrs, which produce a consistent grind ideal for all filtered coffee brewing methods. The grind setting is adjusted via the wing nut attached to the bottom of the burrs. Each adjustment is stepped, making switching back and forth between your grind settings quick and easy.


Hario Grinder
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.  


The manual grinder features a durable, black, stainless-steel body and a reinforced hexagonal adapter with a cast-aluminum detachable handle and a detachable plastic silicone-rubber seal lid, making it easy to pack out on your next adventure.

The top-fed grounds catcher can hold 25 to 30 grams of coffee grounds, which equals one to two cups of fresh coffee, and a bayonet-type fitting allows the user to separate the grounds catcher from the body with a simple twist.


Hario Grinder
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog. 


The conical ceramic burrs often transfer less heat when grinding the beans than a blade-type device. This significantly reduces the risk of heating your coffee beans and altering the intended taste of your preferred brew.

Ceramic burrs also tend to shave the coffee beans rather than cracking them, as blade grinders often do. The result is a more consistent grind that is easily adjustable.

The Hario Mini-Slim Pro Ceramic Coffee Mill can be found on the official Black Rifle Coffee Company website.

This article first appeared in the June 21, 2021, coffee vertical of Coffee or Die Magazine.