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From Tall Tale to Mobile Contest, the Legend of Squatch Continues

Do you believe in Bigfoot? (Honestly, that’s so retro.) But what about the legend of Tactisquatch?

Already built for the outdoors and adventure, Black Rifle Coffee Company is taking exploring to a new level with “Spot a Squatch.” With more than a year of social distancing under our belts, we know just as well as everyone else that staying connected to a community — and a fun one at that — is critical. The Tactisquatch tracking device (aka your phone) allows players to scan QR codes every time they spot a Squatch. This new challenge is leveling up the BRCC customer experience and our daily ritual of drinking coffee.

Photo by Farahn Morgan/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

"We celebrate the whole coffee-drinking experience, so we decided to tap into the idea that coffee can be accessible, fun, and adventurous while also leveraging the consumer trends of returning to more 'real life' activities,” Molly Schweickert, vice president of BRCC marketing, said. “We wanted to bring that campfire storytelling experience to life for the BRCC community, and — with a lot of creativity and hard work from our team — we were able to accomplish that uniquely.”

Photo by Farahn Morgan/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Sasquatch has become an iconic figure in popular culture precisely because it fuels the imagination of even the most skeptical outdoor enthusiast. With its characteristically caffeine-fueled, tactical spin, BRCC is animating that sense of wonder with live and digital extensions of the Tactisquatch campaign. 


Photo by Jess Rocha/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Now through Nov. 30, hunt for Squatch in BRCC coffee shops, partner locations, military bases, and events across the country. With prizes varying from promo codes to free coffee, participating in the search for our elusive Tactisquatch is bound to be a rewarding experience.