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Discovering the Rich Flavor of Dictator Gesha With Espro French Press

If you are a coffee enthusiast eager to master a new brewing technique, investing in a French press coffee maker is an easy way to take your barista skills to the next level.

Unlike a typical pour over or drip coffee brewing system in which the water passes through the coffee grounds, the French press is an infusion brewer. The water and coffee steep together in the brewing system, which helps produce an evenly extracted, robust cup of coffee.

So when we heard that Black Rifle Coffee Company was bringing back one of its rarest roasts, Dictator Gesha, we immediately jumped at the chance to snag a bag of this limited-quantity roast.


BRCC Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Grown high up in the volcanic mountain soil of Jalapa, Guatemala, Gesha is one of the hardest coffees to produce. Even the drying and roasting process is incredibly complex are requires meticulous care.

This BRCC roast offers a fruity aroma with complimentary tasting notes of strawberry jelly alongside sweet brioche and sugar.


BRCC Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


To unlock the sought-after tasting notes of this year's Gesha, we enlisted the help of the BRCC x Espro P7 French Press. The P7 is the next-level French press you didn't know you needed. In just four minutes, the P7 creates the most flavorful cup of coffee you have ever had.

The secret is inside the patented double micromesh filters that work twice as hard to keep your coffee smooth and grit-free. Many French press enthusiasts will tell you to immediately pour all your desired cups after each brew session to prevent over-extraction, which can create a bitter taste. But the Espro P7's mesh-filter holes are so small that they aid in preventing further extraction, allowing the user to keep a second or even third cup of coffee at the ready in the carafe for extended periods.


BRCC Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Available in matte black and brush finish with the BRCC logo, the P7 is constructed of double-walled stainless steel that can keep your coffee hot for hours. (And it looks good doing it, too!)

Another benefit of brewing with the Espro lineup of French presses is there's no need to grind your coffee as coarsely as you would for a conventional press pot.

We started with a 1-to-15 ratio of coffee-to-water: for every gram of coffee, 15 grams of water. After that, it was all about making a few adjustments to our brewing technique, and we were off and running.


BRCC Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Brewing Dictator Gesha With the Espro P7 French Press

  1. Fill the bottom of the 32-ounce Espro P7 with hot water to preheat the vessel.
  2. Twist to lock both microfilters together and screw them onto the plunger rod.
  3. Grind 35 grams of coffee just before use. A coarse grind gives the best results.
  4. Pour the preheating water out of the kettle.
  5. Pour the ground coffee into the bottom of the vessel.
  6. Heat your water. Our ideal temperature for this Gesha was 203 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Fill the P7 with hot water until the water and coffee meet the maximum-fill line.
  8. Give it a quick stir to ensure all the grounds are wet.
  9. Put the lid on gently, without pressing down on the plunger.
  10. Wait four minutes.
  11. Slowly press the filter plunger down to the bottom. Aim for the full press to take about 15 seconds.
  12. Pour into your favorite BRCC mug, and enjoy!


BRCC Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Our brewing method yielded about two and half to three mugs of freshly brewed coffee. Using this French press effectively unlocked the wide array of tasting notes and fruity aromas of this Gesha.

And when it’s made right, a cup of Gesha coffee offers an array of tasting notes and aromas with more depth and complexity than any cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

The BRCC x Espro P7 French Press is available now on the official Black Rifle Coffee Company website. It is available in 18-ounce and 32-ounce brewing configurations and comes in a brushed aluminum (smaller version only) or matte black finish with the iconic BRCC logo.