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BRCC Slays at Utah FitCon

 After a two-year hiatus, FitCon is back and in person. For those unfamiliar, FitCon is a convention designed to help everyone find his own idea of fitness. It was founded in 2015 by Dallin Rogers, and he and his team work to provide an event that showcases a variety of fitness styles and sports, all in one venue.

Photo by Mark Marez/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


“FitCon [Utah] was a major success,” Rogers said. “The energy was fantastic. Utah showed up in masses–over fifteen thousand attendees in a two-day span, and our vendors had a great experience. If we are able to provide a great experience to both our attendees and our sponsors, that’s a win for us. I definitely feel [that] we accomplished both.”

Photo by Garrett Costanzo/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


This is Black Rifle Coffee Company’s first year exhibiting at FitCon, and the BRCC team will also be attending the Texas FitCon (June 11) and Florida FitCon (Nov. 5). 

The ultimate goal of FitCon is to bring together brands, influencers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts under one roof in order to network and motivate each other to maximize their potential. (This interaction and support occurs through the athlete-fan interaction as well as when attendees sample and purchase the vendors’ products.)


Photo by Garrett Costanzo/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


“BRCC’s relationship with FitCon started this year. Derick [Carver] reached out to Rob Bailey and was very interested in sponsoring FitCon,” Rogers said. “[Carver] mentioned that BRCC wanted to break into the fitness space, and he really felt that FitCon’s audience and ownership aligned with their goals.” 

Photos by Garrett Costanzo/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

BRCC hosted two booths as a gold sponsor — one with coffee for all attendees and a challenge area, where the attendees try to beat the fitness records set by professional athletes. The second and larger booth hosted the BRCC trailer, Bronco, space for cornhole, meet and greets with celebrities and fitness influencers, and a VIP FitCon lounge.  


“Having BRCC at FitCon is huge, for a couple of reasons,” Rogers said. “First, having such a large company sponsoring continues to showcase FitCon as a worldwide brand, and not just as a fitness expo. Second, BRCC brings a new demographic to FitCon that might not otherwise be open to attending.”


Not only does FitCon showcase vendors and fitness celebrities, but there are also fitness competitions for everything from CrossFit and sumo wrestling to powerlifting and a ninja warrior course. Additionally, the convention hosts a number of panels, including “The Millionaire Mindset” and “Her Purpose Is Her Power.”


FitCon Utah, being the original location of the event, is the main hub. While the Utah event takes place indoors and has a traditional fitness expo feel, the Florida and Texas events are held outdoors and are run more like festivals. 

 Photos by Garrett Costanzo/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

For more information on FitCon and attending, head here. The next two events are in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 11 and Pensacola, Florida, on Nov. 5. Check out the Utah recap here.