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BRCC’s Nashville Visit Kicks Off With Hell on Wheels

Out of all the ways to tour Nashville and deliver Black Rifle Coffee to the good citizens, law enforcement, and fire departments of the city, Hell on Wheels certainly is a choice, and the most obvious one at that.

Hell on Wheels operates with a trio of decommissioned 5-ton trucks (yes, exactly like the ones the military uses to carry troops) to give tours throughout downtown Nashville. The business model may not be unique, but the mode of transportation is, and it’s not just bachelorette parties booking rides. Actress Melissa Joan Hart and comedian Burt Kreischer have both been on board.

“Our tagline is ‘Party With a Purpose’” Nick Lyon, owner of Hell on Wheels, said. “To us, that means celebrating life while also honoring those that serve the country and the community, and giving back to the heroes and their families that have sacrificed so much to protect the freedoms we're blessed with in this incredible country."

Created by Lyon in 2018, Hell on Wheels is an opportunity to build community, starting with their vehicles, which are familiar to many in the military world. Additionally, the business supports veteran-owned nonprofits, regularly donating a percentage of their proceeds to Homes for Our Troops, which builds and donates custom homes to post 9/11 veterans.

We're also proud of the fact that over half of our staff is composed of veterans of the Marine Corps,” Lyon said. “We have six Marines that work with us at Hell on Wheels”

“We're proud to be partnered with the incredible Homes for Our Troops organization,” Lyon continued. “A portion of all proceeds goes directly to Homes for Our Troops to support the amazing work they do every day. We also bring the trucks to groundbreaking and key ceremonies and participate in convoys whenever possible to further show our support for Homes for Our Troops. In addition to working with Homes for Our Troops as our main partner, we also do lots of work with CreatiVets in the form of bringing the trucks to any fundraisers and events. A stage was built directly off the back of two trucks for a concert CreatiVets was hosting, and we've been at both of their annual fundraising golf outings.”

Hell on Wheels also sponsors children through the Nashville Metro Police Department with the Andrew Jackson Police Youth Camp. It also donates a 5-ton ride and a merch bundle to the Nashville Metro Police Annual Law Enforecment Talent Showcase and Silent Auction, which benefits the Nashville Childrens Alliance.


Hell on Wheels
Photo courtesy of Hell on Wheels. 


To say that Hell on Wheels is invested in the military community is an understatement, and thanks to a new relationship with the company, Black Rifle Coffee Company spent the day traveling to police departments and firehouses making coffee deliveries before making a trip down Broadway to engage with locals and tourists alike.

“I mean, we’ve done coffee drops before, going to different stations around San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Houston, but never something of this scale,” Chino Reyes, San Antonio events team leader, said. “This is the first time on a 5-ton, and it’s been really good — the Hell on Wheels team has just been awesome to work with.”


Hell on Wheels
Photo courtesy of Hell on Wheels.


“This is just a match made in heaven, and we’re having an absolute blast with the BRCC crew,” Lyon said. “When Jessie [Ashdown] reached out and pitched the plan, it was just the universe making this happen. This day’s different from what we normally do, and the woo girls and bachelorette parties are so great, but today’s mission is just so tangible. It's two patriotic brands working together, and it’s just been an adventure. We love the amazing work that BRCC does, and it’s so great to be a part of it.”

If you'd like to book a tour with Hell on Wheels, please visit:

If you'd like to donate directly to Homes for Our Troops, please visit: