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BRCC’s “Buy a Bag, Give a Bag” 2021 Campaign Donates 40,000 Bags of Coffee

During the Thanksgiving season, Black Rifle Coffee Company donated a bag of its limited-release Thirty Presents Out Roast to active-duty service members every time a coffee lover bought any of BRCC's premium coffee roasts or coffee rounds. BRCC met its goal to spread cheer by donating 40,000 bags of coffee to troops serving at home and overseas during the holidays.

To kick off the “Buy a Bag, Give a Bag” campaign in person, Black Rifle Coffee Company took a base tour around Texas during the week leading up to Veterans Day. 


Photo courtesy of Jessie Ashdown/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

The base tour hit four military installations across Texas, where the Black Rifle Coffee team handed out 2,000 bags of Thirty Presents Out to active-duty service members. The team stopped at Fort Hood, Joint Base San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base and Fort Sam Houston, and Naval Air Station Fort Worth Reserve Base.

"This is a time for all of us to express our gratitude, and as a company with a veteran-forward mission, it's an opportunity for us to give back to the men and women still serving in dangerous circumstances at home and overseas this holiday season," BRCC president and CEO Evan Hafer said. "Coffee brings people together, it's a way to create community, and we're proud to be able to give back to those spending the holidays on base."

Photo courtesy of John Jenkins/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

About Thirty Presents Out: The Thirty Presents Out Roast was released as a seasonal coffee for the holidays. With tasting notes of butterscotch, spice, and strawberries, it's one that’s sure to cement your spot on the nice list.