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BRCC Ready-To-Drink Coffee Has Invaded the West Coast

As someone who considers himself a bit of a coffee nerd, I often find myself stopping by the coffee sections of my local supermarket or gas station to see what’s on the shelves. This includes strolling down the aisles, searching for a new ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverage that I may not have sampled yet.

Because of their convenience, it’s no surprise that the ready-to-drink options drive much of the coffee industry’s growth. A 2020 study uncovered more than 150 new RTD coffee offerings in 2019, up 14% yearly. Those included 89 cold-brew beverages and 30 iced-coffee options.


Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


While many Southern California natives will say the West Coast is the best coast, when it came to the availability of certain specialty coffees, such as Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Ready to Drink (RTD) canned espresso beverages, we were a bit behind the power curve.

A phased, nationwide retail rollout of the drinks began back in April 2020, but unless you were ordering a case online or through the BRCC Coffee Club subscription, good luck trying to get your hands on a can here in California.

Last year, as I was enjoying my usual routine of browsing the coffee section of my local convenience store, I glanced past the familiar brands I preferred to avoid and stopped dead in my tracks.


Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


There it was, in all its glory — a single RTD can of BRCC Espresso With Cream at my local Circle K. At first, I thought someone might have been playing a joke by planting it in the refrigerator aisle. But this 11-ounce can resonated with an alluring “America’s coffee” vibe and held its own in a sea of formidable iced-coffee offerings.

When I asked the manager about the new drink in the coffee lineup, he replied, “Oh yeah, I’m surprised there is even one left up there. I reserved two refrigerator slots when we first started selling them, and both those slots sell out by the end of the day.”


Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


After purchasing that last can of BRCC RTD from the clerk, I jumped into my vehicle to perform recon on a few convenience stores in the surrounding area. There were about nine different stores within a 10-mile radius of my location. I spent the next hour and a half visiting these locations to confirm that BRCC had officially landed on the West Coast.

Fast-forward to today, and the RTD offerings from Black Rifle Coffee Company are now available nationwide, including in gas stations, mom-and-pop corner stores, and even my local liquor store here in San Diego.

This article first appeared in the Aug. 4, 2021, coffee vertical of Coffee or Die Magazine.