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BRCC Pays Homage to America’s Take-No-Shittery With Coffee or Die Brew and Apparel

It’s been more than 260 years since ol’ Benny Franklin published what would become one of the most famous political cartoons in history — the “Join, or Die” snake woodcut.

Originally etched in ink by Benjamin Franklin himself, this historic snake woodcut was a call for unity, liberty, and justice. This is why Black Rifle Coffee Company, a brand steeped in America’s take-no-shittery, offers its Coffee or Die Roast.

With tasting notes of rich milk chocolate and walnuts and a smooth, buttery finish, this medium-roast coffee has become a stalwart fan favorite in the coffee lineup.


COD Deathpot
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


Available in ground, whole bean, and 12-count rounds, this coffee brews a proper cup of joe with various brew techniques and can easily hold its own as your go-to drip coffee. And the redesigned bag of this amazing roast proudly displays that there are still great companies in America that value freedom and our way of life for all.


COD Deathpot
Image courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Death Pot T-Shirt

To celebrate National Coffee Day, BRCC pays homage to this popular roast with the debut of the new Death Pot T-Shirt. This patriotic, military-green T-shirt, available exclusively to Coffee Club members, features a mesmerizing skull and coffee pot design with the words Coffee or Die and the iconic BRCC reticle, commanding attention wherever you go.

The T-shirt is made with a fabric blend that has excellent stretch and recovery, so you can freedom as hard as you want, because this shirt can handle almost anything.


COD Deathpot
Image courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


And of course, if you are ready to take a stand against the hipster coffee culture, BRCC also features Coffee or Die logo apparel. Free yourself with these BRCC offerings, and let's defeat these single-speed-riding douchebags.

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Coffee or Die Roast, apparel, and the club-exclusive Death Pot T-Shirt are available now on the company’s official website.