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BRCC Liberates National Coffee Day With Dictator Gesha Roast

National Coffee Day is coming, and you know Black Rifle Coffee Company wouldn’t just roll out any old beverage to celebrate that sweet nectar of the gods we call coffee.

That’s why this month, BRCC is opening the coffee vault for the return of one of the finest and rarest coffees in the world — Dictator Gesha.

Dictator Gesha was cultivated by world-renowned farmer Jose Roberto Monterroso at his farm high up in the volcanic soils of Jalapa, Guatemala.

One of the most coveted and difficult coffees to grow, the Gesha variety quickly rose to fame as an exceptional and rare coffee.


Dictator Gesha
Photo by Lauren Warner/BRCC Blog. 


This year’s Dictator Gesha was hand-picked from the same harvest that won the 2022 Guatemala Cup of Excellence. The coffee’s drying and roasting process give each cup of Gesha the most depth and complexity of any cup of coffee you have ever had.

"Dictator Gesha is a playful coffee, fruit-forward with notes of papaya and strawberry, with a smooth and satisfying finish," Black Rifle Coffee Company Q grader Megan Shields said. "This coffee features a nice acidity and tartness to start with a really rich and smooth body."

The specialty coffee scored an incredible 90.5 points in its Outstanding Total Score Quality Classification. This unique batch offers a fruity aroma, with tasting notes of strawberry jelly, sweet brioche, and sugar.

We caught up with Cafe Cubo CEO Fredy Bolanos in Guatemala to get his thoughts on this year’s Gesha.


Dictator Gesha
Photo courtesy of Fredy Bolanos/Cafe Cubo. 


“We are always proud of every Gesha we get from ‘El Morito,’” Bolanos said. “This year, it’s EXTRA special. It’s from a Cup of Excellence champion — this means the farm and the lot where it came from is an award-winning coffee. It goes up against hundreds of other amazing coffees from Guatemala and just betters them in every way. And you can taste strawberry jelly, buttery brioche, sugar with a very potent fruity aroma. It’s a banger. It’s a once in a lifetime coffee. Enjoy.”

Simply put, Dictator Gesha is so good, you have no choice but to like it.


Dictator Gesha
Photo by Lauren Warner/BRCC Blog. 


BRCC is also offering a BOGO to help you pay homage to the finest beverage on earth. Buy a bag or rounds of coffee, and you’ll get 50% off a bag, rounds, or a mug! Join the Coffee Club now to get 25% off your subscription.

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Dictator Gesha is available now in ultra-limited quantities on the official BRCC website.