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BRCC HQ Hosts Cars and Coffee With Local Porsche Club

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Salt Lake City headquarters recently hosted a Cars and Coffee event for the Intermountain Region Porsche Club of America (IRPCA). 

“The vice president of activities for the IRPCA came by the HQ coffee shop looking for a place to host their club’s Cars and Coffee event,” Colt Lewin, BRCC retail operations lead, said.

The IRPCA caters to Porsche enthusiasts from Utah and southwest Wyoming — the regional chapter has been in existence for more than 57 years. The Porsche Club of America was created in 1955 with the mission to heighten Porsche-owning and -driving experiences. The IRPCA works to do that with a number of events and activities, from driver’s education and auto-crossing to club racing and social gatherings, like Cars and Coffee hosted at BRCC.

“When I first learned about Black Rifle Coffee, I knew right away I wanted to have an event there. I like to support veteran-owned businesses, as I am a retired veteran myself,” Darrell Godfrey, IRPCA vice president of activities, said. “Our club, Intermountain Region Porsche Club of America, has a monthly Cars and Coffee event where our members show our Porsche cars and socialize with coffee. Black Rifle Coffee has plenty of parking spaces and cool building artwork that was a great backdrop to our Porsche cars.”

Photo by Colt Lewin/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

The IRPCA website reads, “Cars and Coffee sessions are a great excuse for members to get together on an ‘off-season’ Saturday morning to see some really interesting car-related things and learn something new. Meet with your fellow enthusiasts and get some education on a wide variety of things automotive and not just Porsche.”

Lewin added, “All of our BRCC outposts are working to develop connections with their communities by regularly hosting events local to each location.

“This event was a great success, with about 35 IRPCA members and their Porsches in attendance.”

In keeping with the culture and values of BRCC, building strong relationships with the community around each outpost is a key part of why they exist. Each outpost location has the ability to cater to its own population, allowing them all to foster unique relationships with the customers and neighbors.

“Our event was a success, and Black Rifle Coffee was a hit with our members. Everyone had compliments for their drinks in hand and towards the overall atmosphere of Black Rifle Coffee,” Godfrey said. “Thank you, Colton Lewin, for allowing IRPCA to have an event at your store. We will be returning for more good coffee and as a good meeting spot for our members and most importantly, our Porsche cars.”

Keep an eye out for events at your local BRCC outpost by following the store's Facebook and Instagram pages, both of which can be found on the store location pages here