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BRCC Hits the Summer X-Games

The Summer X Games are here, and Black Rifle Coffee Company wouldn’t miss them for the world. With X Games alum of all alums Bucky Lasek repping BRCC, covering the summer games is a no-brainer. For those who don’t know, Lasek has been competing in the X Games since 1997 and has the most on-site appearances of any athlete: 28 total. 



The X Games kicked off Wednesday, July 20, and Lasek placed fifth in the Pacifico Men’s Skateboard Vert on the first day of the summer events. 

Photo by Jarred Taylor/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Banksy (Banks Hovey) may be known for his Nitro Circus stunts and, most recently, his mini-loop stunt at Pastranaland during Memorial Day weekend, but he’s not one to pass up the opportunity to compete in the games and rock a BRCC logo on his helmet. Banksy won silver in the Moto X 110s competition on Thursday. 


@xgames Banks Hovey 🇺🇸 wins silver in Moto X 110’s at #XGames 2022! #MotoX #110s ♬ original sound - X Games


More results for the BRCC-sponsored competitors will be posted as the games continue throughout the weekend.



Where to watch the X Games: All events will stream live on ESPN+ and will be available on demand once they’ve concluded. Additionally, on Saturday, events in the 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET window will be broadcast live on ABC, and Saturday evening events can be viewed live on ESPN2 in addition to ESPN+. However, all the linear windows are tape delayed, so live events are exclusive to ESPN+. The full X Games TV/streaming schedule and where to watch every event can be found on the X Games website.