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BRCC Fur Missile Pays Homage to Man's Best Military and First Responder Friends

Military working dogs have been a vital part of service to our country since our nation's founding. And according to the American Humane Society, there are more than 1,600 dogs deployed on active duty today. These law enforcement and military working dogs are often the unsung heroes behind countless operations that help keep us safe.


Fur Missile
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


This month, Black Rifle Coffee Company offers a premium, limited-release coffee roast called Fur Missile. This medium roast Arabica pays tribute to K9 vets both past and present. All profits from Fur Missile go straight to K9 Hurricane's Heroes, a nonprofit that helps pay for K9 heroes' veterinary care after they leave service.

Typically, when a working dog retires, all day-to-day care and medical bills become their handler's responsibility. Occasionally, these handlers cannot fulfill this financial obligation in its entirety. To ensure these heroes live out long and happy retirements, K9 Hurricane's Heroes assists in removing that financial burden. After years of service, these "working dogs" deserve the chance to be just “dogs.”


Fur Missile
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


The BRCC Fur Missile Roast is an ultralimited-release roast that sets itself apart with a bold yet balanced flavor profile. It features a nutty aroma with distinct tasting notes of walnut, brown sugar, and guava. BRCC recommends brewing Fur Missile via pour over, such as in a Chemex, or batch brew to get the most out of this incredible roast.

The roast drops in the BRCC lineup this month in conjunction with National K9 Veterans Day on March 13. This month, we pay tribute to the thousands of dogs on the front lines of military battlefields across the globe, as they serve valiantly in conjunction with their human counterparts.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Fur Missile is available in limited supply on the company's official website. And for maximum enjoyment, sip this special roast alongside your favorite pupper-in-crime.