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BRCC Employees by Day, Gamers by Night: A BRCC Discord Community

It all started with a love of video games and the community that comes with gaming. 

Then, a simple message was sent out on Slack:

”Hey, everyone! We wanted to create a dedicated BRCC gaming server where people can hop in and find games within the BRCC family. Since there are a large chunk of us that play regularly, this is a solid way to play with locals and get to know the people you work with!”

Created by Jarred Vickers and Ben Bolton in 2019, what was originally a Slack channel for the gamers in the company transitioned into a Discord server. 


“We had the idea for the Slack channel because we know so many people who are avid gamers and thought it would be fun to start a BRCC game night to connect with the local San Antonio employees,” Bolton, assistant video editor for Black Rifle Coffee Company, said. “We wanted to get together to play Dungeons and Dragons, but that eventually fizzled out, so Jarred made the Discord server, which started as co-workers and wives playing Among Us."

“The goal with the BRCC Gaming channel is to bring the employees together, but outside of a work setting,” Bolton said. “It’s strictly for BRCC staff and family and a great place for people to chat, make friends within the company, and just do something together that’s not work-related.”

Currently, the Discord server has about 60 or so people, though not all of them are routinely active. 

“It can be hard to schedule a time to play; a lot of us are married and/or have kids, but we get together when we can,” Bolton said. “Those of us that live in the San Antonio area get together and play Dungeons and Dragons, but online we’ll also get groups together to play Halo, Call of Duty, or Escape from Tarkov.”

@ben_sidious, @jarrodious, and @colbywan825 playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

“If we can get a big enough group together, we’ll also play Jackbox games together,” Bolton said. “It gets hilarious. I’ve broken down crying so many times during Jackbox Party just from pure laughter.” 


@jarrodius is this how you raid? #streamer #amongus #sus #twitchtvstreamer #twitch #gamer #supportsmallstreamers #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - JARRODIUS


“It’s an outstanding morale booster,” Bolton said. “I’m surrounded by people who are hilarious all the time, a lot of them are prior service, and they’re used to an environment where you can express yourselves in an unfiltered way. It’s a great way to really get to know the people you work with.”

For some gamer gasoline, check out our dedicated offerings to fuel your own Discord or Twitch ventures.

To follow our BRCC Gamers on Twitch and TikTok, check out their pages here: