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BRCC Aquaraider ECS Roast Brews Pathway to Lost City of Atlantis

Very little is known about Black Rifle Coffee Company's Aquaraider. But legend has it that this brew adventure began with notes recovered from a warrior's journal back in 2015.

The journal was discovered in a watertight capsule washed up on the shores of Bimini — a Bahamian island often associated with ancient magic. Ponce de Leon once sought out the tiny speck of land in the Bermuda Triangle in search of the Coffee of Youth, and it's said that the pathway to Atlantis lies beneath its shores.

What archeologists were able to recover from Aquaraider’s tattered and waterlogged notes was that he belonged to an elite unit of divers in search of treasure. All major government agencies have denied knowledge of this unit or its mission, and the notes remain shrouded in mystery, as much of the text is no longer readable. A few bags of coffee were recovered from the capsule as well.


BRCC Aquaraider ECS
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


To effectively deep-dive into Aquaraider’s sought-after tasting notes, we pulled out our trusty AeroPress coffee maker and went to work.

We have been brewing with the original AeroPress coffee maker for quite some time now with great success. By making small adjustments to variables such as coffee weight, grind size, and brew time, it’s easy to master the art of this immersion brewer.


BRCC Aquaraider ECS
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


A popular travel companion for many coffee enthusiasts, both the AeroPress and AeroPress Go can tackle a wide range of brewing techniques, including Americano, espresso, and cold-brew-style coffee.

We began our brew session with the supplied recipe card located inside the BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription (ECS) box. Simply choose one of the recommended brew techniques, and you are well on your way to brewing a superior cup of specialty coffee.


BRCC Aquaraider ECS
Image courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Our recommended coffee-to-water ratio for this brew session with the AeroPress was 1:17. For every gram of coffee, 17 grams of water is used. 


  1. Bring roughly 340 grams of water to just below a boil — about 206 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Weigh out 20 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them on a medium-to-coarse 7/10 setting.
  3. Assemble your AeroPress inverted, with the narrower piece on the table and the larger piece attached to the plunger, and open all the way.
  4. Preheat your AeroPress with a bit of hot water, then empty it.
  5. Put a paper filter in your filter cap and pour some hot water through it.
  6. Pour your 20 grams of ground coffee into the device.
  7. Pour 100 grams of water into the 20 grams of coffee over 10 seconds.
  8. Stir firmly 20 times over 10 seconds.
  9. Add another 140 grams of water and place the filter cap on.
  10. Screw the filter cap with the rinsed filter onto the AeroPress and gently press out the excess air.
  11. At one minute and thirty seconds, flip the AeroPress onto your favorite BRCC mug and press out all the coffee. 
  12. Add 100 grams of additional hot water to the extracted coffee in your mug.
  13. Cool the brew down by stirring with the supplied AeroPress stirrer, and enjoy.


BRCC Aquaraider ECS
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


The BRCC ECS recipe card offers a perfect starting point to easily enjoy this fruit-forward brew. The medium-roast coffee features powerful tasting notes of berry, wine, and caramel. And by making a few micro-adjustments to our coffee-to-water ratio, we not only mastered the art of a popular immersion brewing device but also effectively uncovered the final chapter of yet another epic ECS coffee adventure.

The BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription offers a world-class, exclusive coffee experience to a limited number of BRCC customers each month.

Each microlot features a unique, high-demand, exotic coffee roast hand-selected by Evan Hafer and the BRCC Coffee Development team.