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Black Rifle Coffee Company Takes ROUSH Performance on an Epic Adventure

When a group of Black Rifle Coffee Company employees wants to make something cool, things just seem to fall into place. The newly released video from BRCC welcoming Bucky Lasek to the BRCC Rally Team also highlighted the 2022 ROUSH F-150. This was the project that became a literal (and figurative) vehicle for making the BRCC-ROUSH Performance partnership happen.

“ROUSH has been a staple name and brand in motorsports for decades,” Jarred Taylor, co-founder of BRCC, said. “To be able to sit down and start the conversation of creating a partnership and start projects together is just incredible. From the motorsports arena, the possibilities are endless.” 


“I am so stoked to get out of a situation where I wasn’t growing,” Bucky Lasek said. “I just felt held back … it feels good to be with a crew that wants to do the same things I want to do: have fun, make great content, and blow shit up.”

Regarding the newest BRCC motorsports team member, “Bucky Lasek has been a skateboarding icon for the last 30 years,” Taylor said. “In those last 30 years, we’ve grown up watching him do cool stuff, and now, here we are, getting to do cool stuff together, and it's just absolutely the pinnacle of what we’ve been working towards.” 

Photo courtesy of Tyler Wolff/Wolffhaus Studios.

“I feel like I’m free to do more things; I’m not just locked into skateboarding,” Lasek said. “I’m driving, hosting; I’m part of a more creative ecosystem, and we’re showcasing Rally in America. I can’t think of a better community to be a part of, that allows me to do more things as an individual, better myself, and just do more fun things.”

Photo courtesy of Tyler Wolff/Wolffhaus Studios.

“We’re truly cashing in on the ‘American dream’ and acting on these dreams and partnering with icons we’ve connected with our whole lives,” Taylor said.

Photo credit Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Life comes at you fast, and if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll fall behind; the ROUSH F-150 is the tool you need for anything from intercepting an inbound heli to dropping off precious cargo or a Rally adventure. 

If you haven’t seen the BRCC video yet, you can watch it right here in the article. The 2022 ROUSH F-150 is very clearly “engineered for adventure.” With an array of exciting off-road performance and cosmetic features, including a refined ROUSH high-flow front grille that features integrated accent lighting, fender flares with clearance lighting, optional color-matched fender flares, ROUSH heat-extracting hood vents, and graphics packages, this F-150 has a whole new look. 

(This truck can be built from a ’22 Ford F-150, 302A XLT, or 502A Lariat chassis with nine exterior color options.)


*ROUSH Supercharger Kit is sold separately and is available as a post title purchase. 

The new generation ROUSH Supercharger Kit is ROUSH Performance’s most powerful supercharger system to date for the Ford F-150, with an output of 705 horsepower and 635 pound-feet of torque. (For more details, check out the website.)

“For us at ROUSH Performance and the brands that we partner with, it's imperative that we operate with purpose and conviction,” Jack Roush Jr., Chairman of the Board of Roush Enterprises, said. “We built our company with core American values, and every day, we strive to be Americans worth fighting for. A partnership with Black Rifle affords both of our brands the opportunity to work on exciting projects for enthusiasts and fans.”

Photo courtesy of Tyler Wolff/Wolffhaus Studios.

Most people recognize ROUSH from the world of racing or as a premier provider of automotive engineering solutions, but there is so much more to the ROUSH profile. Not only is ROUSH involved in defense and aerospace services, but its Veterans Initiatives Program and commitment to the Military Spouse Employment Partnership highlight its efforts to hire veterans and military spouses, which aligns with BRCC’s nearly identical partnerships.  

“They [ROUSH] have such a major impact on the military’s design, research, and development,” Taylor said. “I just can’t think of a better company to align with.”

To learn more about the ROUSH F-150, head here, and for more details on the new generation Supercharger Kit, head here.