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BJ Baldwin and Ballistic Motorsports Bring Home a Win for BRCC Motor Sports at the Silver State 300

BJ Baldwin and Kyle Craft finished first in the Trick Truck Class at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300. 

Baldwin completed the 3 1/2-mile qualifying course with a time of 3 minutes and 18 seconds, six seconds faster than his competition who came in second place. Qualifying is a single lap taken on a pre-determined course, which is different from the race course. The qualification race allows race officials to determine the starting order for the actual race. 



The Silver State 300 is a 300-mile race that kicks off 35 miles north of Alamo, Nevada, at 11 a.m. A key detail to note is that Best in the Desert races aren’t always won by who physically finishes the race first because the trucks are started at one-minute intervals. 



“BJ was first off the line and had the lead through at least mile marker 185,” Kurt Summers, Black Rifle Coffee Company content team member, said. “Somewhere between mile marker 185 and 216, where the team waits to change tires and refuel, the truck incurred a flat tire. So the co-driver [Kyle Craft] had to conduct a tire swap on the side of the course.”



The tire change led to the second place truck taking over the lead and getting ahead of Baldwin by about two minutes. Down the road though, the lead truck flipped on the course, so Baldwin and Craft took back the physical lead for the remainder of the race, beating the second truck by 12 minutes. 

Photo by Kurt Summers/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

“BJ’s truck has a new motor, which is a huge upgrade from what he raced with last year,” Summers said. “He’s driven with this new motor three times, winning two of the races and finishing third on the other.” 

Photo by Kurt Summers/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

That 12-minute lead in first place gives Baldwin a massive points lead going into the Vegas to Reno 500-mile desert race in August.



Keep up with the BRCC motor sports team on Facebook and Instagram. To follow BJ Baldwin as he trains for his next Best in the Desert race, check out his Instagram.