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AeroPress Casts a Potent Spell on this Month's Too Hard To Spell ECS Roast

Call of Cth … Cuthu … Catha- you know what? Nevermind. May's Black Rifle Coffee Company microlot is No. 32 — The Call of Too Hard To Spell. Its name alone strikes fear in the hearts of spell checkers and copyright attorneys alike. But this Exclusive Coffee Subscription roast's full and crisp flavor profile is not to be ignored.

Legend has it that this dark roast's monster flavor originates from the haunted shores of Papua New Guinea.

This Typica and Bourbon variety of coffee hails from the region of Simbu, Papua New Guinea's third-largest coffee-producing province. Most of the coffee in PNG is grown in the highland areas near the country's center. And those coffees, like this month's BRCC ECS roast, exhibit the heavy body and the savory-sweet flavors that characterize the coffee of this part of the world.


Too Hard To Spell
Photo courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company. 


"This month's The Call Of Too Hard To Spell ECS is a roast of absolute competence that should be more widely enjoyed," explained Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company CEO.

The coffee features tasting notes of tropical fruit complemented by citrus and dark chocolate and a flavor profile that balances its tangy citrus flavor with a rich, sweet finish.


Too Hard To Spell
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


Using the supplied ECS recipe card is an excellent way to dial in your preferred brewing method. And after experimenting with a few coffee-to-water ratios using the AeroPress coffee brewing system, we quickly unlocked the robust flavors of this elusive brew.


Too Hard To Spell
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.




  1. Bring roughly 350 grams of water to just below a boil — about 206 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Weigh out 30 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans and grind them on a medium-to-coarse 7/10 setting.
  3. Assemble your AeroPress inverted, with the narrower piece on the table and the larger piece attached to the plunger, and open it all the way.
  4. Preheat your AeroPress with a bit of hot water, then empty it.
  5. Put a paper filter in your filter cap and pour some hot water through it.
  6. Pour your 30 grams of ground coffee into the device.
  7. Pour 100 grams of water into the 30 grams of coffee over the course of 10 seconds.
  8. Stir firmly 20 times over the course of 10 seconds.
  9. Screw the filter cap with the rinsed filter onto the AeroPress and gently press out the excess air.
  10. After 45 seconds, flip the AeroPress onto the supplied drinking mug and press out all the coffee. You should end up with roughly 60 grams of extracted coffee.
  11. Add 120 grams of water to the extracted coffee.
  12. Cool the brew down by stirring, and enjoy.


Too Hard To Spell
Photo by Kelly Getzelman/BRCC Blog.


Like a certain eldritch entity in a notable short story by American writer H.P. Lovecraft, when the flavors are just right, they can plunge from world to world through the sky. When they do, humanity will experience a powerful taste hitherto unknown.

The BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription offers a world-class, exclusive coffee experience to a limited number of BRCC customers each month. Each microlot features a unique, high-demand, exotic coffee roast hand-selected by Evan Hafer and the BRCC Coffee Development team.