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Action Sports Icon Travis Pastrana Signs Exclusive Beverage Sponsorship with Black Rifle Coffee Company

Action sports icon Travis Pastrana signed an exclusive beverage sponsorship agreement with Black Rifle Coffee Company today, leaving his Red Bull partnership after 22 years. 


“Black Rifle Coffee is proud to announce we will be Travis’s title sponsor,” Jarred Taylor, BRCC co-founder, said. “He’s extremely creative, and we’re excited to work with him and create a space to push the envelope with more insane stunts, content, and scripted comedy as well.”


A 17-time X Games medalist, Pastrana continues his commitment to excellence across many disciplines, as displayed in the early 2000s when he racked up numerous Supercross and Motocross podiums as well as a Motocross of Nations championship title.


Photo courtesy of Jarred Taylor/Black Rifle Coffee Company. 

He’s continued to blaze trails, from achieving his groundbreaking double backflip on a motorbike to dominating rallying in the US since 2006 to winning the American Rally Association Championship in 2021. Pastrana has also applied his passions to revolutionizing motorsports with the Nitro Rallycross in 2021, winning the overall championship in the competition’s inaugural year. 


“If you frame it in the ‘American dream’ aspect, look at me,” Taylor said. “I grew up with Pastrana as my childhood hero, to becoming friends with him, and then being able to build a business big enough and amazing enough to be able to bring him on board.”


His first big venture with BRCC will be at the end of January, when the BRCC crew heads to the Florida Keys to film the next Gymkhana episode — a “huge production with crazy stunts that are gonna break the internet,” Taylor said.


Photo courtesy of Cody Stauder/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

“I’ve been good friends with a lot of the Black Rifle Coffee crew for the last ten years,” Pastrana said. “They’ve supported me in a lot of the fun projects over the past few years, like bringing Pilot X with a minigun for us to jump a dirt bike over for the Action Figures movie and paying their own way down to help rebuild with us in Puerto Rico after the hurricane.” 


From competing in the X Games to filming his own movies (Action Figures 1 and 2), producing MTV’s Nitro Circus (and participating in the Nitro Rallycross events), and serving as a judge on America’s Got Talent: Extreme, Pastrana brings a wealth of skill and experience to the table in his partnership with Black Rifle Coffee. 


“Travis brings excitement everywhere he goes,” Evan Hafer, BRCC’s CEO, said. “His abilities on a bike, in a car, or under a canopy have solidified him as one of the most iconic action sports stars that has ever been.


“The son of a Marine, competitive and driven, Travis is an amazing addition to the BRCC family. From watching his wild stunts on deployment to becoming friends with him, we couldn’t be happier to officially partner with him and help make some truly amazing content. With everything we have planned this year and beyond, it’s a dream come true!”


Photo courtesy of Cody Stauder/Black Rifle Coffee Company.

“If it's for fun or it puts a smile on someone’s face, Black Rifle Coffee is in,” Pastrana said. “They truly are America’s coffee. Doing great things for local communities while pushing the envelope of entertainment.”


Pastrana and BRCC share a passion for pushing the limit, whether by roasting the highest quality coffee or testing out new ramps and tricks; an often-irreverent approach to entertaining and engaging with their fans; and a deep connection with America’s servicemen and women. 


“Sleep when you’re dead; drink coffee now,” Pastrana said. “This is going to be an amazing ride.”


Photo courtesy of Cody Stauder/Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Check out Pastrana's BRCC page and shop his favorite products here